GW2 Associate Of Secrets World 2 Achievement

GW2 Associate Of Secrets World 2 Achievement Guide

A guide to getting all 11 hidden rooms for the GW2 Associate of Secrets World 2 achievement.

Tip: Do this on infantile mode to make it easy on yourself.

Note: If you are going after all the baubles in World 2 Zone 1 as well, do this with Associate of Baubles World 2 so you can hit two birds with one stone.

Video Guide (Also includes Associate of Baubles World 2 achievement)

Checkpoint 5 to 6   

Hidden Room 1: Right after the rafts phase with the assassins, turn left and you will see a shop.


Checkpoint 7 to 8    

Hidden room 2: After getting past the water sprouts and hitting the checkpoint, go left immediately after the checkpoint and jump up the rocks.Once you are up there, you will need to follow the small rocks on the ledge.


Finally, once you reach the ledge, throw a bomb at the wall and this should reveal a hidden room.


Hidden room 3: Go back to the checkpoint and take a turn near the hillbillies into the forest area. Inside the forest you will find a yellow tree in the corner guarded by a bear. Kill that bear and then burn the yellow tree with your candle/torch. Then throw a bomb on the revealed area to open up a hidden room. Inside are a couple of baubles and lots of bears.



Hidden room 4: Go back to the hillbillies and make a very hard jump down below the ledge.The follow the rocks up the river.


At end of river you should see a mushroom jump pad. Jump on it to reach a yellow bauble.


At the yellow bauble location, use the bomb to blow up an opening into the wall and you will find a room with lots of hillbillies.


Hidden room 5: When you get to the river with the moving logs and crocodiles, don’t go across it yet. Instead, look to your left and you will see a water sprout at very end of it. Jump on a log nearest to the shore and then make your way there.


Follow the rocks go around and then climb up the wall. You should then see a mushroom jump pad followed by a bunch of flower pads.If you fall off the flowers, use the the thingie near the hillbillie to jump back up to the mushroom pad.


At the end of it is the hidden shop


Hidden room 6: Don’t leave the shop yet! Throw a bomb at the fireplace and the ground should open up, revealing another hidden room!


Hidden room 7: Exit the shop and immediately throw a bomb to the wall at your right. This will reveal a cave full of toads.


Hidden room 8: Inside the toad cave, there are two rooms. Clear the toads and go to the room on the left. Throw a bomb at the wall not far from the intersection of the two rooms and you will reveal another hidden room.


Inside is a shopkeeper and a green bauble.


Hidden room 9:  Die or find your way back to the checkpoint and before you cross the river with the moving logs, jump to the rock here and then throw a bomb behind the waterfall. At the very bottom of the waterfall will be another hidden room with a red bauble.

Note: The hidden room is at the very bottom, if you just jump behind the waterfall you are actually 1 floor higher. You need to carefully drop off to the very bottom floor and take care to not get washed away by the water.


Hidden room 10:The shop past the river with the moving logs counts as a hidden room.


Checkpoint 8 to 9   

Hidden room 11: At the waterfall with the logs, there is a hidden room that you need to open with a bomb. It is slightly above the second mushroom pad. Just ride the log and turn your character so you can see the wall behind the waterfall. Throw bombs if you see the wall looks different.

Make sure you enter the right room! There is also another room at the bottom that doesn’t need a bomb to enter and that one doesn’t count! The correct room has a shopkeeper!



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