GW2 Catmander Commander Tag And Minis Guide

A guide to getting the new Catmander Commander Tag and Minis in WvW.

Tag and Minis 

Catmander Commander Tag

This cost 150gold and 250 Badges of Honor (or 300g + 250 Badges of Honor if you don’t have the original commander tag). They give you a set of commander tag with a cat theme that functions exactly like the original commander tags. This can be purchased through either the Alpine or the Desert Borderlands cat vendor.

  • Works as an additional set of tags, don’t need to have the original commander tags to use or purchase. It will not unlock the original set however so if you don’t have them the catmander book will only unlock catmander tags.


Mini Blue Catmander

Purchased from the Blue Catmander in Alpine Borderlands exclusively for 100 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets


Mini Yellow Catmander

Purchased from the Yellow Catmander in Desert Borderlands exclusively for 100 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets


Cat Vendors Video

The video will show you where to go for both blue and yellow catmanders if the text/images below can’t explain it sufficiently..Desert Borderlands start at 2 minutes into the video.

Blue Catmander (Alpine Borderlands)

Not the easiest cat to get to. It is just west of the Woodhaven in the NW section of the Alpine Borderlands Map. It is past the waterfall and right before the end of the Borderlands jumping puzzle. You have to jump through the waterfall and make your way into the jumping puzzle area.


After passing through the branch to the area with the final door of the jumping puzzle,, look to the left for a ledge. You want to move on the ledge carefully until you reach the left end and then carefully drop down while moving forward towards the wall. There will an opening with access to a secret area that you can drop into if done correctly. This drop is very tricky and having a mesmer that can portal you is very handy.


If you want to have this cat in your home instance, feed him a Gift of Battle. It will spawn it with a bunch of kittens.

Yellow Catmander (Desert Borderlands)

This cat is slightly easier to get to than the blue one so if you just after the Catmander tag, you may give this a try especially if your server has the Desert Borderlands as the home map. There is a waterfall to the left of O’del Academy in the NW corner of the map.


You want to get to the top of the waterfall and run across to a bunch of rocks on the left of the waterfall. Carefully drop down on the rocks and move towards the waterfall until you can drop no further. Then make a final drop to a ledge behind the waterfall.


On the ledge is an opening to a hidden area with quaggans. The Yellow Catmander is on the lower level past a body of water.


If you want this cat in your home instance feed him a Can of Spicy Meat Chili from your Portable Provisioner. It will spawn it with a bunch of kittens. If you have both the blue and yellow in your home instance, they will fight each other with the kittens.

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