GW2 Halloween 2017 Festival Guide

A guide to the GW2 Halloween Festival 2017 that starts on October 17, 2017.


The entrance to these activities can all be found in Lion’s Arch. They are marked on the map as door. The exception is Mad King Says which occurs in Grand Piazza instead. Be sure to check out the vendors as well marked on the map with a candy corn icon.

  • Mad King’s Clocktower Not much has changed. You get 5 trick or treat bags for running it.If you are really good at jumping puzzles this might be a good option to farm Trick or Treat bags.
  • Mad King’s Labyrinth – Basically where people go to farm for Trick or Treat Bags. It is a farming map where you go and follow a commander to run around killing mobs, close doors and carve pumpkins. Use the LFG to find a farming instance.
  • Ascent to Madness – This dungeon is being farmed for the chance at Tattered Bat Wings which is used to make the Nightfuy Ascended shoulders. It is a 5 man dungeon and the end chest have a chance to drop the Wings so you can run it as many time as you want for a chance. Use ingame LFG tool to find a group.
  • Lunatic Inquisition  – Fun PvP/Elimination event bought back this year.
  • Mad King Says – Occurs every 2 hrs on the hour at Grand Piazza. Basically you do the emote that Mad King tells you to but only emote if it is followed by Mad King says as he will try to trick you. On every successful emote (or inactivity if he tries to trick you) you will get a stacking buff. Every 4 stacks of this buff you are eligible for a Mad King Chest Key fragment. You can only get 3 key fragments a day and you need 3 fragments to combine together to make a key. This means that you can only only open the chest at end of Mad King Says once a day and you must participate for a specific duration to get rewards. The chest also have a chance to drop Tattered Bat Wings and the Mini Spooky Moa.


New Items


Gemstore Items

  • Spooky Mount Skins Pack and Fallen Balthazar Outfit

Spooky Raptor Skin


Spooky Springer Skin


Spooky Skimmer Skin


Spooky Jackal Skin


Spooky Griffon Skin


Mad Memoires Backpiece

Four Mad Memoires Backpieces were added along with their associated achievements. Two of them backpieces are completely new while the other two made a return from 2012 Halloween.

  • See guide here


Lunatic Armor Set

You get one set from achievements, the other two weight classes will need to be crafted by buying recipes from Lunatic Alchemists.







New Weapons

Touch of Madness

There is a new rare drop torch weapon from the Treat or Trick Bags. It doesn’t have a graphic and only appears when drawn as a ball of light.


Haunted Weapon Set

You need to do 3/5 of the available Halloween dailies everyday and every 5th day you will be able to get a weapon from Eve of the Mad King achievement completion.

Sword Hammer Longbow Shortbow
gw2-haunted-sword gw2-haunted-hammer gw2-haunted-longbow gw2-haunted-shortbow
Axe Dagger Greatsword Mace
gw2-haunted-axe gw2-haunted-dagger gw2-haunted-greatsword gw2-haunted-mace
Pistol Rifle Scepter Staff
gw2-haunted-pistol gw2-haunted-rifle gw2-haunted-scepter gw2-haunted-staff
Focus Torch Warhorn Shield
gw2-haunted-focus gw2-haunted-torch gw2-haunted-warhorn gw2-haunted-shield

New Minis

Mini Halloween Gourdon – 20 Candy Corn Cobs


Mini Lord Humphrey Faren – 100 Candy Corn Cobs


Mini Gustav the Caramel Corn Elemental – Rare ToT Bags Drop


Mini Forgal – 3 Black Lion Mini Ticket


Mini Sieran – 3 Black Lion Mini Ticket


Mini Trahearne – 3 Black Lion Mini Ticket


Upcoming Items


Riding Broom Glider– [&AgHeTQEA]


Awakened Zealot Outfit – [&CzoAAAA=]


Mini Choya Pumpkin Gang – [&AgHpTQEAAA==]   


Mini Elonian Familiar – [&AgECTgEAAA==]


Mini Failed Attempt – [&AgEHTgEA]


Old/Returning Items

  • New Items from last year’s Halloween
  • Items from previous years


Shadow of the Mad King

Ancient Grudge – 10 AP

  • Kill 150 of Joko’s minions. Any awakened mobs will work. Go to a map like Desolation and just kill them en mass

Arguably Foodlike – 5 AP

  • Consume 150 Candy Corns

Lunatic Fashion – 5 AP

  • Collect an item of each armor slot from the Lunatic set. See Lunatic Wardrobe section below.

Routing the Rebel Rabble – 5 AP

  • Kill 150 mobs in Mad King’s Labyrinth.

Shut the Doors – 5 AP

  • Complete 30 door events in Mad King’s Labyrinth.

Mad Memories/Mad Mysteries/Mad Mementos/Mad Memorial

  • These are related to the Mad Memoires backpiece.

Courtly Service – 5 AP

  • Go to the middle of the Mad King’s Labyrinth and see the Steward. Talk to him about serving food (5 gold) and you will get the Courtly Service achievement.


Pumpkin Carving – 17 AP, Master Carver Title

  • Find 150 Pumpkin all around Tyria and carve them. The pumpkins reset if you switch to a different map/characters and also reset daily so you can just do them in Lion’s Arch and Mad King’s Labyrinth. it is much better to do them in Mad King’s Labyrinth since it is faster and there are more of it in a smaller area.
  • Mad King’s Labyrinth map taken from /u/Evio on reddit.. Lion’s Arch map from /u/Oonk_Golemancer on reddit. Other maps by reader Brutal Beauty 9542.



Lunatic Wardrobe

A Royal Tradition – 5 AP, Hat Box

  • Complete a round of Mad King says

Something Good to Eat – 5 AP, Glove Box

  • Open 50 Trick or Treat bags

Ascent to Madness – 10 AP, Coat Box

  • Complete the Ascend to Madness dungeon

Mad King’s Clocktower – 10 AP, Boot Box

  • Complete the Mad King’s Clocktower jump puzzle

Masters of the Labyrinth – 5 AP, Shoulder Box

  • Defeat all three champions in the Mad King’s Labyrinth


  • Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn. Use reflects/feedback when he throws out candy corns as these do a lot of damage to him.
  • Skeletal Lich
  • Labyrinthine Horror – this guy’s spawn is a bit random and he can really spawn anywhere. He can join the fight when you are fighting Viscount or Lich.

Lunatic Racer – 10 AP, Pants Box

  • Complete the lunatic race around Mad King’s Labyrinth in under 2 minutes.
  • Race starts regularly, just have to keep an eye out in the middle.


Halloween Rituals

Each of these achievements can be repeated 5 times with the exception of Eve of the Mad King

Eve of the Mad King – 10 AP x 10 Repeatable

  • Complete 3/5 of the Halloween daily achievements everyday for 5 days.
  • Rewards the Haunted weapon set on completion (pick one).

Champion of the Labyrinth – 5 AP x 5 Repeatable

  • Defeat 5 bosses (High Viscount, Lich, or Labyrinthine Horror)

Knockdown the Doors – 5 AP x 5 Repeatable

  • Complete 50 door events in the Mad King’s Labyrinth

Carving Across Tyria – 5 AP x 5 Repeatable

  • Carve 200 Pumpkins

Clockwork’s Champion – 5 AP x 5 Repeatable

  • Complete the jumping puzzle 3 times.

Mad King’s Herald in Training – 5 AP x 5 Repeatable

  • Complete the race event in Mad King’s Labyrinth 3 times

Lunatic Inquisition Regular – 5 AP x 5 Repeatable

  • Do the Lunatic Inquisition event 3 times

New Afterlife for Quaggan– 5 AP x 5 Repeatable

  • You need find Drooburt’s Ghost in Lion’s Arch. He is usually at Trader’s Forum but he can disappear sometimes. Just hand him 1000 Candy Corn for this achievement.


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