GW2 Mad Memoires Backpack Achievements..

GW 2 Mad Memoires Backpack Achievements Guide

A guide to the Mad Memoires Achievements and Backpack added with Halloween 2017.

Mad Memories

Speak to Magister Tassi in Lion’s Arch for the achievement.


In addition to the achievement, check your mail for the scanner.


Mad Mysteries 

Note that when you scan near these areas, sometimes they show up as a Suspicious Location instead of spawning the ghost directly. In that case you need to interact with it to get the ghost to show up. Completing this achievement grant you Mad Memoires


1. Boyhood (Lion’s Arch)

Next to Magister Tassi, double click on the candy power meter in your inventory and use the #3 skill to scan. This will reveal Serene near Tassi. Talk to her for the item.


2. Friendship (Lion’s Arch)

Use your #1 scan and find Samson undernearth the Deverol Gardens in Lion’s Arch.


3. Young Love (Lion’s Arch)

Go underwater and scan just east of Old Lion’s Arch POI with your #3 scan. It will reveal a suspicious location which you can interact with and reveal Tynna.


4. Deadly Adventures (Queensdale)

Scan with the #2 skill to get Prince Ewan Thorn to show up. He may appear as a suspicious location first you need to press F to reveal him.


5. Betrothed (Kessex Hills)

Scan with #4 skill near Blackroot Cut in Kessex Hills to reveal a suspicious location and then interact with it to reveal Lady Lyrica.


6. Coronation (Gendarran Fields)

Go to the spider room at the end of the Provernic Crypt. There is a door to the left of the champion spider that may or may not be closed. If the door is closed, you have to pick up boulders and go through the passage to the right of the champion spider that has pressure plates you need to put the boulders on for the door to open.

Next to the grand chest, press #2 to scan. If nothing shows up, check the corner where Lord Humphrey Faren runs to when he spawns. Otherwise interact with the suspicious location to spawn him.


Mad Mementos

You will need a scanner in a couple more places for this collection which grants you Mad Memoires: Complete Edition.


1. Handless (Gendarran Fields)

Go to Gendarran Fields, use #4 to scan the area at the marked location. Interact with the suspicious location to spawn an event to defeat some hands. Complete the event to get Cashel to show up.


2. Feast and Famine (Harathi Hinterlands)

Go to Martyr’s Tomb POI in Harathi Hinterlands. Use #3 to scan near the Statue of Dwayna. Interact with the suspicious location and talk to Fenn for the item.


3. Pains of Love (Bloodtide Coast)

Go to the ship just west of Laughing Gull Island, use #1 scan to reveal a suspicious location. Interact with it to spawn the door event, complete it and talk to Seamarshal Bennu that spawns after the event.


4. Tax-o-Lanterns (Harathi Hinterlands)

Go into the house south of Seraph’s Landing waypoint. Use your #4 scan, interact with the suspicious location to spawn Rufus. Talk to him for the item.


5. Flames of Renewal (Harathi Hinterlands)

Go to the bridge near Arca Lake, use your #2 scan to find a suspicious location at start of the bridge. This will spawn Portia with an accompanied event where you need to scan for water buckets to douse the fire around her. Talk to her afterwards for the item.


6. Descension (Sparkly Fen)

Go to the very bottom level of Shattered Keep in Sparkfly Fen. Use #3 scan to reveal a suspicious location near a torch. Interact with it to spawn Wynn to complete your achievement.


Mad Memorial

This collection requires the completion of various Halloween achievements for the penultimate backpack Mad Memoires: Complete Ignition.


1. Apocrypha

Complete the Arguably Foodlike achievement by eating 150 Candy Corns and then talk to Lunatic Noble Acreni near the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch for the item.


2. Lunacy

Talk to the Lunatic Boatman about Mad King Thorn after you have completed the Routing the Rebel Rabble achievement (killing 150 mobs in the Labyrinth).


3. Fabrication

Go to the middle of the Mad King’s Labyrinth and see the Steward. Talk to him about serving food (5 gold) and you will get the Courtly Service achievement. After, talk to him again about Mad King Thorn and he will give you the item.


4. Hallowed Eves

Complete the Pumpkin Carving achievement to carve 150 pumpkins and then talk to Bruce the Herald in Grand Piazza for the item.


5. Rivalry

Complete the Ancient Grudge achievement to kill 150 of Joko’s minions and then talk to Veteran Brigadier General Kernel south of the WvW portals for the item.


6. Binding Agreement

Complete Lunatic’s Fashion achievement by collecting all pieces of the Lunatic armor (only need 1 weight per slot) and then talk to Lunatic Acolyte Broye at Deverol Gardens.


Mad Memoires: Complete Superstition

The final backpack requires you complete the Lunatic Court’s Finery collection. You get six pieces from achievements but the rest requires you to craft them by buying recipes off the Lunatic Court alchemists via Candy Corn Cobs.


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