Crowfall’s Action Harvesting Has All The Swirly…

Crowfall’s Action Harvesting Has All The Swirly Sparkles And Powerful Pips

Howdy everyone, Thomas Blixtev Blair here, and I’m going to chat with y’all today about even more fun features that have made their way into Crowfall’s action harvesting system as we have iterated on it over the past few weeks. In the last update about action harvesting, I mentioned we had several secret prototypes under wraps… and thankfully some of them have panned out!

The prototypes that survived the gauntlet:

A new player resource type: Harvesting Pips,
A universal harvesting power called Energetic Harvesting,
11 new unique Harvesting Disciplines comprised of over 30 powers, and
A “Weak Spots” system to add a bit of interactivity to the resource nodes!

Let’s Dive in!

One of the well-known Crowfall player resource types is Pips. We first introduced this mechanic when we released the Duelist class. Since then the Templar and the Assassin have both used this mechanic as a resource model. We created a new kind of Pip for harvesting that is only active while the player is in their Survival Power Tray.

1 Harvesting Pip is generated each time a player successfully damages a resource node. Why make them appear on every successful hit? To give harvesters a chance to create a “rhythm” of alternately clicking (or holding) left mouse button and triggering the Energetic Harvesting power, described below!

Energetic Harvesting is a power that is granted to every class, and it is currently auto-mapped to the number 1 power in their Survival Power Tray.

This power is one of the most complex and cool powers we have created to date. It really has 5 different powers built into it! The number of stacked Harvesting Pip spent at the moment the power is triggered will dictate the beneficial effect that is then attached to the player.

Here is a list of the beneficial effects:

1 Harvest Pip: Gain Energetic Harvest, which increases Grave Digging, Logging, Mining, Quarrying, and Skinning by 5% for 8 seconds.
2 Harvest Pips: Gain Perceptive Harvest, which increases Weak Spot Chance: All by 5% for 8 seconds.
3 Harvest Pips: Instantly restores 8 Stamina.
4 Harvest Pips: Gain Heightened Harvest, which increases the effectiveness of the any Energetic Harvest, Perceptive Harvest, and Stamina restore effects gained in the next 7 seconds.
5 Harvest Pips: Gain Furious Reaping, which increases Harvest Base Damage: All by 40. Lasts 6 seconds or 2 hits, whichever comes first.

Because all the buff durations and the Pips are so quick to generate, this creates an opportunity for the player to weave a variety of different buff combinations based on their current need. It also creates a number of opportunities to synergize with the player’s disciplines and skill advancement. (For example: a player who has skill trained further may no longer need the buff from spending 1 Pip and instead always ops to go for the buff at Pip 2. I tend to go for 4 Pips first, to double the effectiveness of my subsequent 1 and 2 Pip buffs.)

More Disciplines are always a great form of content for our players, and this was a chance to make some for those who envision themselves as primary resource harvesters. We created a wide spread of types of harvesting disciplines, for those who want to specialize in a resource type to those who want to specialize, or to optimize harvesting of their group.

Periodically as the player harvests, they will be presented with a weak spot on the resources they are harvesting. The weak spot is represented by a white target circle. If the player puts the center of their aiming reticle in the white space inside the weak spot circle before a short timer expires, they will land a weak spot hit and do bonus damage to the node. To increase the potential for finding weak spots, a player can raise their spot weakness statistic. To increase the amount of damage they do on a weak spot hit, a player can increase their exploit weakness statistic.

That’s right there are still things we can and will do to make the harvesting feel even better! The final piece still in progress will be an input priority system for powers so we can make any main tray power happen as the next power to process rather than the currently depressed left click power. (We have noticed some people like the click, click press 1 and others like to hold left click and press 1 every now and then.) As our input system currently sits, those who use the hold technique are going to have a challenge in timing the use of harvest pips – so we’re going to go back and address this, so that the system feels great regardless of your preferred input mechanic.

Many new additions have come online as part of implementation and playtesting of Action Harvesting! New resource type, new powers, many new disciplines, and weak points. Hopefully this update will act as a set of instructions for any who are confused! Go back up and reread the update as it is all too big to TLDR!

We are really enjoyed playing with these new features, and we’re even more excited to put them in front of you guys for feedback. This is all part of the 5.3 Race/Class update, so players on TEST can jump in and try them out now, and players on LIVE will get a chance to check them out very soon.

As always, please feel free to leave comments on the forums, and we’ll see you in game!

Thomas “Blixtev” Blair
Design Lead, ArtCraft Entertainment

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