Worlds Adrift’s 0.1.5 Update Is Almost Ready,…

Worlds Adrift’s 0.1.5 Update Is Almost Ready, But The World Wipe Won’t Come ’Til After Christmas

Hi all,

After churning through the technical guts of 0.1.5 for the past few weeks, we’re now able to put it live. It comes with several substantial under-the-hood upgrades, and some key tools that should help us track down the causes to the infamous client freeze. This update marks a crucial point in Worlds Adrift’s development, as it further provides a more solid foundation for which to build the game on.

As you know, 0.1.5 ended up presenting more and more challenges as we prepared it, with each resolved one revealing further issues. Due to the amount of time we had to spend fixing these, we won’t be able to get 0.1.6 out before Christmas.

It will still be in your hands soon, though! Our new schedule now has it coming early/mid January.

We know this isn’t ideal for a lot of players who are waiting on the world wipe, but it does mean that you’re safe from it over the holidays, and this is key because we need all able explorers to jump back into the game!

As mentioned, 0.1.5 comes with some heavy duty metrics and analytics that are being used to help track down the cause of the client freeze. In order for that to be used to its fullest, we need as many people playing as possible. The more data we get, the better an idea we’ll have of the issue.

So, don’t shy away from the game because of the wipe, just get stuck back into it. See December as a time to muck around, take bigger risks, and not to worry too much about your gains or losses.

If you need more incentive (and are a lover of the lore), 0.1.5 also comes with a lot more lore pieces to be found in the game. So get out there and explore!

Check out the full patch notes below – see you in the skies!
Closed Beta Full Patch Notes:



  • SpatialOS upgraded to version 10. This is a fairly large change under the hood, and should provide significant improvements in server performance. Upgrading to SpatialOS 10 sets the stage for future technical upgrades of game systems.
  • Unity game engine upgraded to version 5.6.
  • Heavy duty metrics and analytics implemented to gather data for fixing the client freezing that happens when flying between islands.
  • The EasyAntiCheat implementation has been updated to be both more robust and more user-friendly. The splash screen is halfway through a facelift from its very rough placeholder version in 0.1.4.x, and the EAC installer is now less intrusive.
  • There are now a lot more pieces of ancient writing that players can collect and read to relive the stories of Foundation before the Breathing-in. And, of course, each one is a unique source of Knowledge when read!



  • A temporary workaround for various log-out issues has been implemented: characters despawn instantly upon logging out, instead of waiting for a timer. Ship logout timers are not affected. Proper character and ship logout timers will be implemented in a future patch.
  • Player names in the Character menu tab and the Character select screen should now always display the correct name.
  • Fixed some visual bugs on some ship parts, including the lamp and sail.
  • Fixed some audio bugs.
  • Fixed various UI and chat box issues.
  • Fixed the ability to shoot a character behind your player in certain situations.

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