Villagers & Heroes Preps For Christmas, Says…

Villagers & Heroes Preps For Christmas, Says Ios Port Is Still Happening

Cross-platform MMORPG Villagers & Heroes has a new patch out this week just in time for Christmas. It heralds the return of Grintcha’s Lair. “This wintery wonderland event zone, where cheery quests, deadly battles, jolly gifts, and much more, awaits all those who seek a festive good time and some very plump rewards,” says Mad Otter.

The patch also rolls out the auction house to Android players, pulling them further into the game’s PC ecosystem.

As MOP reader Kherova reminded us, V&H intended to launch on iOS this past fall, a season you might notice ends in just a few days. It’s clearly not going to make that goal, but the studio says it’s still working on it all the same.

“While we can understand your disappointment because our iOS client is still under development, we can assure you are wrong that our iOS client has NOT been shelved,” the studio wrote a month ago. “We are working on it every day and we hope to have it ready in the foreseeable future. With only a very small development team (that has also produce content updates for our existing players while working on the iOS version simultaniously), the iOS version might take us longer than you (and also we) have liked, but we are working as fast as we can to bring V&H to a iPhone near you very soon!”

Happy Holidays, Everyone!  Snowflakes are falling in the Seven Realms, and, so, too, has Grinchta’s Lair arrived!  This wintery wonderland event zone, where cheery quests, deadly battles, jolly gifts, and much more, awaits all those who seek a festive good time and some very plump rewards!  With this patch, V&H also has a special present for our mobile players:  the Auction House is now fully operational!
Exciting new additions to V&H!
  •  The holiday event zone has arrived! Be prepared for a challenging new Grinchta battle in a new location, some very merry new mounts and outfits, lots of gifts, and a whole lot of fun!
  •  Auction House for mobile is now in!


Substantial improvements and changes.
  •   Mobile only Added jump and autorun buttons back in.
  •  An in-world arrow now points to your party leader if the leader is far away. This should make it more convenient to keep up with the group.
  •  New items in the chest of the Red Darrig: The Subterra Fungi mount, and the Enchanted Twigs, which polymorphs the player into a Treant.
  •  Pressing Tab (in PC) or the Select Target button (in mobile) now cycles between targets of the same kind.
    • For example, if a party member if selected, the next party member on the list will be selected.
    • If a player is selected, another player will be selected, and likewise if an enemy is selected or a friendly NPC is selected. This is to make it easier for healers to select party members, and for tanks to cycle between mobs and bounties.
  •   Mobile only Important global messages are now shown more prominently.
  •   Mobile only Added a “Move all” button for vault, purchased items, and similar windows.
  •   Mobile only The rank (stars) of a recipe are now shown in the crafting window.


Less substantial improvements and changes.
  •   Mobile only Improved scaling on main game screen (HUD) for 4:3 screen ratio.
  •   Mobile only Popups with one or more buttons now have their buttons arranged near the edges of the screen for easier access.
  •  Tweaked the locale overlay position and size.
  •  Main quest arrow shown on ground is now always above sidequest arrow.
  •  There is now a 1-second cooldown after using items in quickaction slots, so players don’t accidentally use more items than they meant to.
  •  Sweet Sea Pie’s and Banoffee Pies now require fruit that is lower level. Jupty Pie and Sumpty pie now require a few fruit.
  •  Alfred now sells Huckleberry Pie, Salvaging Rods, and base cloth Harvest items.
  •  If through gnogmenting, a mastery not for your class ends up on an item bound to your class, that mastery stat will retain the red warning that the stat is for another class.
  •  Added in armament rewards for Level 80 and 85 Heroes Journey quests.
  •  Ear mites drop a lot more often from boars in Memorial Pond.
  •  Gaamkira’s flame skulls now attack slower, their missiles move slower, and do less damage.
  •  Lowered the level requirement of the Oracles quest to 47 (was 48).
  •  Increased the amount of raw wood Hamblin gives out for woodcrafting lessons.
  •  Removed the quest “Bug Collector Collector”.
  •  Removed the quest “Confused Celestria”.
  •  Removed the quest “Leudast’s Missing Robe”.
  •  Removed the quest “Magnifying Danger”.
  •  Removed the quest “Bootless”.


The following bug fixes have been made.
  •  Fix for chat getting cut off and strange tags appearing in it.
  •  Fixed an issue that was blocking several augmenting runes from appearing on dropped gear. After this fix players will notice many more spells and feats are able to be augmented.
  •  Fixed issues with dragging items from vault to bag.
  •  Fixed issues with villages having non-ascii characters in name.
  •  Fixed several minor typos.
  •  Fixed an issue causing defense rating to not have as high of numbers as it should of had.
  •   Pc only Guild section of Friends window wasn’t showing all guild members.
  •   Pc only Fixed issues with “MalFormed string” in message boxes.
  •  Moved the southern traven teleporter so it can be used on mobile.
  •  Moved the Rega and Vega portals back a bit so they can be seen on mobile.
  •  Fixed it so Alfred now lasts for the full 5 minutes instead of 2.5 minutes.
  •  Fixed a bug that set vendor experience boosters to 7% instead of 5%.
  •  Fixed it so the name tag for level 34 pansies shows.
  •  Fixed an issue where multiple turn-ins for tutorial crafting quests could occur.
  •  Made it so players can’t give the sheep the unbinding powder prematurely.
  •  Moved Yer Son Dalon in Sanctorium so he doesn’t vanish.
  •  Fixed an issue where if a player didn’t tell Goran where the sheep was, then later they couldn’t progress the Leaflet quest.
  •  Fixed an issue where Glitterdew could sometimes be hard to click on.
  •  Fixed a floating lamppost in Lady’s Lake.
  •  Fixed a log in Glendergan that was hard to get a quest item from.
  •  Fixed an issue with some areas in Glendergan where the player could get stuck.
  •  Fixed a house theme that was lowering health rather than boosting it.
  •  Possibly fixed an issue that was leading to enemies becoming invulnerable while not being Aegis. If this issue persists after this build, please let us know!
  •  Pc only  Fixed font tags in knowledge book.

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