Just Survive Wipes And Starts Over For The…

Just Survive Wipes And Starts Over For The Sake Of ‘fair Play’

Greetings Survivors!

Live Servers are now available to patch and play, and a wipe was performed on Live during the maintenance period. While we were initially hoping to push this update out without requiring a wipe, escalating abuse of the exploits fixed within indicated that it would be best for our players to wipe out the unfair advantage that these abusers had gained through cheating.

This update is focused on bugs and fair play.  In addition to the base intrusion exploits patched below, this update’s anti-cheat update includes significant improvements to systems related to intrusion detection (which leads to bans) and prevention (which keeps the cheat action from working correctly).

Bug Fixes and Updates:

  • Players who log out on top of a base foundation they do not own / have permissions on will login near the base instead of in/on the base (preventing multiple intrusion exploits)
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Fixed a base entry exploit involving vehicles
  • Adjusted Banshee spawn rates for Z1 and BWC
  • Fixed an issue where Banshees didn’t drop Worn Letters on BWC correctly
  • Fixed an issue where placed base components would highlight under certain incorrect conditions
  • Fixed an issue where filing cabinets would not properly spawn loot
  • Fixed an issue where paintings couldn’t be placed on some surfaces
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

Our next major content update is several weeks away from appearing on Test, and with it will come the new construction tier, upgrade system, and extensive construction and raid re-balancing that will require some time on Test before it releases to Live.

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