Worlds Adrift Squashes Bugs And Previews…

Worlds Adrift Squashes Bugs And Previews Settings Windows For Its Next Patch

Greetings Travellers,

 Captain’s Log: we’re here with an update on what we’ve been up to last week!
Considering how large the Patch Notes post from the other week was, you should have a some idea of what’s been worked on for 0.16. Last week, a large amount of the team had succumbed to the Nerd Flu, regardless, most are back up and running so they were briefly quizzed about what they’ve managed to work on… As 0.1.6 is nearing completion and is in its final testing, you’ll see some of the stuff that is being worked on for 0.1.7, and we will announce the release date for 0.1.6 this work week!
So here be a hearty mix of tasks that were worked on for 0.1.6 and 0.1.7, in no order in particular:
  • Started exploring the tech behind better skin shaders for our characters.
  • Changing the way ships deteriorate to reduce the load on the servers – attached modules no longer detach when the ship gets cleaned up, instead the modules get cleaned up before the frame
  • Fixed VFX display in shipyard and crafting station
  • Made explosions go ‘booom’!
  • Made explosions also go away from clients rather than lurk invisibly forever, and play nicer with the systems they were supposed to use rather than random variants
  • Made it so that losing internet connection at any point, wouldn’t lead to a soft-lock
  • Bug fixing, and fixing mistakes in previous changes…
  • Fixed the ship cannons clipping through ship parts
  • Polishing the interaction of grappling rope and trees
  • Fixing various inventory bugs so you can now use your inventory with the kind of carefree attitude only people with working inventories have…
  • Fixed a bug where if you logged out while at a ship helm you were doomed to spend the rest of time piloting that same ship
  • All clothing became pink for a few days, is now much more colourful again
  • Blight interior effects
  • Debugging issues with the Blight
  • 0.1.7 Tweaked the new cloud settings, density of clouds and haze now varies by time of time and between biomes
  • 0.1.7 Bugs and minor campfire optimisation
  • 0.1.7 Fixing up and finishing the new settings and menus:

Dad levels… are not for the amount of puns you encounter in the environment, it’s “Detail at Distance”. :’)

There were a few recurring questions about wipes after the previous update, it’s been discussed on the forums this week where Kirk had a response explaining it here (as per the request on that thread, we will be cleaning up the Announcements section on the forum and using it more from now on. So announcements and techy-info-y blog posts don’t get mixed up!). If you guys are curious about wipes, let me know in the comment section below and we can do a Tech Tuesday post on them in future.


See you in the skies, and stay healthy (seriously, everyone is sick)!

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