Worlds Adrift Looks Forward Next Two Patches

Release window as Tuesday at usual maintenance time! There is a WIPE.

Early bug warning:

Cannot craft schematic that you do not own! (is fixed for 0.1.7 which is due in around 2 weeks after 0.1.6 release)

WIP Patch Notes:


Other notable changes:

We will be cutting down to one EU and one US server (better density and we will add more servers as the community grows back up)

Next big things to expect in the following updates:

0.1.7 – Wipe to make way for BLIGHT, Settings menu, keybindings and more…

So there, you have it.

What have the devs been up to?

This is mostly but not entirely for 0.1.7 and 0.1.8 now.

  • 1.6 release config
  • Releasing updated REST server (1.6.0)
  • BTS Filming
  • Balancing loot tables and drop rates (0.1.8)
  • Backend server backward compatability support test
  • Backend server backward comparability deployment
  • Rebalancing the early game loot tables, finding chests and containers should be more rewarding now (0.1.7)
  • Updating / fixing our island export for 1.8. This is step 1 towards a more automated and quicker turn around for islands getting into the main game
  • Polish around how the player interacts with the world
  • Some polish to this effect for 0.1.8
  • Bug fixing for 0.1.7, mainly for the blight dissolve VFX


  • Making the blight differentiate between ships that players are interested in and ships that players probably aren’t interested in, and making it prefer to eat the latter.
  • Auto-maintenance scripts for operational support (covers all releases) (right now we run manual maintenance on the servers)
  • Island generator VFX updates
  • 0.1.7 bug fixes of various kinds for grapples, players, trees, cannons, NREs etc.
  • Fixing bugs that nobody has even seen on live!! ?
  • Fixed shipyard/crafting station crafting vfx

Stay tuned for next week’s update and some fresh Patch Notes (I doubt they’ve changed much since the WIP ones, but you’re getting them upon release!)

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