Worlds Adrift Adds Beautiful…

Worlds Adrift Adds Beautiful Touches To Island Creation

Greetings Travellers,

First and foremost, a giant thank you to everyone who has played since 0.1.6 dropped, reported bugs, we really appreciate all the details you’ve been providing as it speeds up the fixes!

It’s also been great seeing players enjoying themselves, streaming the game and engaging with each other! We had a massive spike in players and we hope to keep that going. I’ve seen new joiners on Discord being welcomed in by existing players and launched into the game, so a massive thank you for being an awesome community.

So, what have the Devs been up to in the meantime?

  • 0.1.7 is in RC (release candidate) testing
  • Tweaking the sky and cloud values
  • Fixing inventory bugs on live
  • Bug fixing and R&D into scalability improvements.
  • Concepting and prep for in-game Alliance system.
  • Bugfixing/refactoring/documenting on the system for colouring all of variable assets in worlds. Likely for but in reality, players shouldn’t notice. Should make artists and programmers lives easier. The bug element of this will be noticeable as currently certain materials when put into their slots with crafting don’t correspond with the generated model. e.g. cannon barrels and mechanical internals are mixed up.
  • Working on new assets for the Island Creator.
  • VFX for chests and containers.
  • Making builds to test a fix for the client freeze
  • Made a branch with attempted fixes for players randomly getting flung off the ship helm. Seems better than it used to, but yet to go through QA.
  • Fixing the undocumented ‘feature’ that people found that is “Press Q to respawn”. In other words, climbing is borked – fixing it.
    One of the issues is that you can get caught in concave areas that put your player in an impossible to resolve physics situation and explode. So I’m doing some smooth mesh generation just around the players vicinity
  • when climbing so that the surface should always be kind of ‘smoothed out’ and fills out any holes, aiming for 0.1.10.
  • Tutorial onboarding stuff for 0.1.10+
  • Island Creator VFX (birds, water drops, crumbling rocks, dustfall, and fireflies!)

And now, check out some of these VFX!

And as always, see you in the skies!

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