ARK: Survival Evolved – How To Tame A Troodon

How to Tame a Troodon
Taming a Troodon is a unique experience because it is passively tamed. You must tame dinosaurs and bring them to the Troodon to kill in order to fill its taming bar. The best way to do this is to already have your mount be low health and allow the Troodon to attack it to get the killing blow.

There is a certain threshold of experience that the Troodon must obtain before you can claim it as your own.

It is unknown exactly how this is calculated, but the stronger the dinosaur that it kills, the more experience it will be granted. Do not try to tames these guys at night because I have seen that you receive significantly reduced experience when giving them sacrifices at night, this may be because they get buffs at night time but I am unsure of the complete interaction.

Once you manage to have one tamed, you will soon see that the Troodon is an excellent night hunter. At night, the Troodon’s eyes will light up which will give it a huge movement speed buff and attack buff. Similar to the Compy, the Troodon will also gain additional buffs for being in a pack. Couple the pack bonus with the night time bonus and you have yourself a killing machine that can take down almost anything at night time. This is perfect if you want to engage another tribe at night as you will have a huge advantage.

Another big thing that the Troodon can offer is that it has scouting abilities. When you open up the menu on the Troodon, you will see that it has a scout ability. This ability allows it to reveal the location of the nearest valid unit within a certain distance. This can be either players, traps, wild creatures, or many other things. You can spend points to improve scouting which will reduce the cooldown of the ability and grant a larger vision radius. This skill is obviously amazing because it can help you find where your enemies are hiding and give you a huge advantage when planning on raiding them. No tribe will ever suspect where you are coming from if you have one of these guys in your tribe!

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