Just Survive Patches In Constuction…

Just Survive Patches In Constuction Improvements And Looks Forward To Account-wide Progression

Hello Survivors!

After a long time of iterating on Test and listening to player feedback, we’re Live!  Servers have been wiped and Just Survive is available to patch and play.

Here are the highlights:

Better Construction, Better Destruction

The construction system has been rebuilt to allow for improved Base Component placement to make it easier to patch the holes left after a raid.  While your character wields the Stronghold Hammer, you can interact with Base Components to upgrade them into Metal or Stone Components, or apply your purchased skins to unskinned Base Components.

Recursive Destruction has been upgraded to make bases more resilient to damage.  Under the old system, taking out a single support would cause everything above it to fall to the ground and be destroyed.  With this new system, you’ll need to destroy all of the supports before the base collapses, making upper floors much more durable.

Weapon Upgrades and Tier Changes

Weapon and Armor Tiers have been streamlined, reducing the number of weapon and armor variants available.  Players can now upgrade their weapons by salvaging Gun Parts and Weapon Repair Kits to improve the rate of fire, magazine size, recoil, and accuracy of a gun.  In addition to salvaging guns you find to improve your weapons, some Rare Weapons and Gun Parts can be found by completing quests or killing special zombies.

New Construction Options and Raid Balance

We’ve completely rebalanced base components, with Metal Components and Metal Shacks taking significantly more punishment than they used to take.  Stone Components can now be built, providing even more protection.  Vaults join the world of Just Survive, providing players with secure areas to protect their valuables inside their base.  Explosive crafting has received a buff, with several key components being more readily craftable, with recipe cost reductions and the ability to craft more components than before.

Flashback Crates

Replacing the Survivor’s Collection, these limited time crates offer a mix of classic favorites like the Throne of Guns and Mask of the Jester, as well as never before released items like the Red Demon Mask or Patriotic Sniper Rifle.  Don’t miss out!

Free Crates

Log in and play for 30 minutes and receive a Hideout Crate for free – this crate has some fantastic character skins and many decorations for your Stronghold.  After your first four hours (across multiple sessions) you’ll receive the latest Avalanche Crate, full of winter themed gear like the Tundra Wrapped Shotgun or Mask of the Yeti.

Full Patch Notes:


  • The Demolition Hammer has been renamed to “Stronghold Hammer”
  • Opening the base permissions menu now requires the owner to be holding the Stronghold hammer
  • You can interact with base components to upgrade or paint them when you have the Stronghold Hammer equipped
  • Reduced the cost of Wood and Metal Construction components
  • Increased hitpoints of Metal Construction components
  • Improved placement system for base components
  • Improved recursive destruction. This means that you must blow up all supports for a base component before it will collapse
  • Added Stone Tier Construction components
  • Closed gaps on Stone, Metal, Wood doors and gates
  • Added new Stronghold component – Vaults. These limited, sturdy rooms offer additional protection for your valuables
  • Reduced the cost of Metal Shacks
  • Increased hit points of Metal Shacks
  • Base Foundation placement detection improved and Base Foundation objects go deeper into the ground – Foundations are now much easier to place and can be placed in many more locations
  • Removed ramps from 3 sides of Base Foundations and made Foundations rotatable during snapping
  • Assault Ramps can now be crafted – these ramps allow you to attach a fragile, temporary ramp to the enemy foundation
  • Storage Containers now drop their loot in a loot bag on death, rather than dropping the items individually
  • Storage Containers cannot be opened by players who do not have permissions to open them
  • Storage Containers have increased hitpoints
  • Containers are now capped to 20 per foundation

Loot and Items

  • Removed wrenches from spawning in PVE
  • Increased ammunition loot spawns in world
  • Increased ammunition crafting parts received when breaking down ammunition
  • Ammunition has updated pickup models
  • Animals now drop leather
  • Adhesive no longer requires oil to craft
  • Yeast is now craftable

Weapon and Armor Changes

  • Removed Weapon Cleaning Kit
  • Removed Rusty (grey) and Mundane (white) gun tiers
  • Only Common (green) guns can be found in as loot
  • Players can now salvage Gun Parts from guns
  • Players can now upgrade Common (green) guns to uncommon (blue) guns
  • Players can now upgrade uncommon (blue) guns to rare (purple) guns
  • Removed lower armor tiers
  • Improved armor functionality versus melee weaponry
  • Reduced effectiveness of body armor compared to previous equivalent tier armor
  • All helmets now prevent the same amount of damage
  • Removed Pipebomb
  • Renamed I.E.D. to Ethanol Bomb
  • Adjusted tier rankings of Dynamite, Ethanol Bomb, Dynamite Bundle to match explosive performance
  • Increased bulk of dynamite and dynamite bundles

Gameplay Balance

  • Increased vehicle capacity
  • Players who die in cars now have their loot dropped into the car’s inventory
  • Cars that are destroyed now drop their loot in a bag
  • Reworked fall damage calculations to prevent short-distance lethal falls and other inconsistent damage scaling
  • Players now ragdoll when taking significant fall damage
  • Players can now sleep regardless of exhaustion level
  • Players who sleep with the “tired”, “very tired”, or “exhausted” debuff gain a “well rested” buff
  • Increased stamina regeneration signficantly
  • All Superade items now regenerate stamina in addition to their other attribute bonuses
  • Craftable juices now restore stamina
  • Reduced spawns of zombies near player bases
  • Limited the number of zombies that can spawn near a player (previously hundreds could spawn on a single player, causing client performance problems)
  • Reduced spawns for exploder, gasser, banshee
  • Reduced Banshee scream radius
  • Banshee zombies now drop Gun Parts
  • Reduced Banshee damage to vehicles
  • Reduced Gasser damage
  • Starter torches cannot be placed
  • Updated lighting to improve visibility at range, particularly at night

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would be in passive stance when exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed an issue that made it difficult to harvest some crops
  • Reduced burning time for players
  • Clan Ranks now persist through server resets
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to enter the Quarantine Zone on both maps and sometimes caused players to spawn there
  • Interacting with sleeping mats now allows players to both sleep or pick them up
  • Improved AI performance
  • Improved NPC navigation
  • Gassers and Exploders now work properly on PVE servers
  • Fixed an issue where zombies were spawning in greater numbers than intended
  • Improved zombie pathing around foundations
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes on Z1 and BWC, as well as BWC development outside of the play area
  • Fixed an issue causing poor driving down foundation ramps
  • Fixed an issue that caused a gun to not expend ammo properly when it was broken by durability loss
  • Fixed an issue causing foundation permissions to not display correctly on foundations 2/3/4
  • Fixed a construction placement bug that allowed certain items to be placed in the same location (to no gameplay benefit – not an exploit)
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Fixed several crash scenarios
  • Fixed an item exploit
  • Fixed a duplication exploit
  • Fixed a vehicle exploit
  • Fixed an exploit involving eating food
  • Fixed an issue where players could chain punji sticks through the sky
  • Melee attacks no longer penetrate walls at close range
  • Removed player-to-player collisions (eliminates several base penetration exploits and also eliminates “boosting” via stacking players.  Players can still collide with vehicles)
  • Significantly improved “no clip” cheat protection
  • Updated anti-cheat countermeasures

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