Gloria Victis: Playable Female Characters!…

Gloria Victis: Playable Female Characters! (Update V. – Steam Patch 105)

Tired of the sausage fest and looking at the male arse all the time? Time to change it – playable female character just hit the servers! There are also reworked daily events and several gameplay improvements. Enjoy!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

– Playable female characters added! If you have any free character slot, you can already play as a female, also every character will receive the character recustomization point tomorrow
– Reworked the daily events – now they have 4 tiers to complete daily through 2 activities, completing the daily events tier is additionally rewarded with Contribution Points
– Added the Flame of Faith to Glory vendors’ assortment and loot tables of Brandon, Ragi and Cursed spectre
– Added safezones on the tournament spawnpoints
– Moved the Azebian tournament spawnpoint a bit closer to the main flag in order to make their road more balanced
– Reduced the amount of buildings and gates required to destroy in order to take a flag
– Rebalanced the Rusted Crusher’s Sword statistics
– Fixes to bugs and level design glitches reported through the bugreport system

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