Rift Implements Wardrobe Changes To…

Rift Implements Wardrobe Changes To Allow For More Reasonable Appearance Unlocks

Hey folks, we wanted to make sure that everyone knows that a change is coming to how wardrobe appearance items are gained.

Coming to a patch SOON, as early as next week:

When you want to collect appearance items:
– If it is a Soulbound or Account Bound item, you don’t have to equip it. It’s clearly going to only be used by your account and will automatically be available in your Wardrobe.
– If it is a Bind on Equip item, you will need to equip it on one of your characters, to unlock it for your account in your Wardrobe
– If you take a Soulbound/Account Bound quest reward that cannot be equipped by your class, it will still unlock for your account in your Wardrobe.

We know that some folks are passing around highly desirable items to a large number of people, and in some cases even charging for it.
This is not how the Wardrobe feature is intended to function, and the team has decided to bring this practice to a close, so that these items may regain their intrinsic, individual value.

This change is being brought in at this time due to the imminent launch of the Prime server, but will also apply to RIFT Live.

We hope that this advance notification will help ease the transition for those who are used to passing items around.


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