Skyforge Launches Overgrowth.

Skyforge Launches Overgrowth Expansion And Kicks Off Anniversary Event

Listen up, Immortals!

The time has come for a new era in Aelion, the Overgrowth update has arrived and with it the new Grovewalker class.

The Grovewalkers are born protectors. They derive their power from nature itself, easily calling on its forces. Powerful roots twine around enemies, and seeds dropped into the soil grow into carnivorous plants. The Grovewalkers easily change their own body.

Their phytoform is extremely powerful and tenacious, allowing the Grovewalker to feel comfortable even in the heat of battle, knocking enemies away with sweeping strikes, and their ether form lets them shake off control effects.

If you get yourself the Overgrowth Collector’s edition, you’ll receive a fantastic new costume, a legendary weapon and instant access to the Grovewalker class!

Challenge System

Achieved great things in Skyforge? Everyone will know about them! If you have conquered lots of in-game summits, some of the challenges will already be done. Others will have to be completed. Show off your achievements with special titles and compare your challenge points with your friends!

New difficulty levels

Sometimes, a hard adventure is not hard enough. So the next best thing is a nightmare! Challenge yourself and your pantheon companions in this new difficulty setting. Read all details about it here.

But that’s not all, this new update also delivers you a bunch of fixes and other changes that you can find in our patch notes.

Important notes

• The Grovewalker class has been unlocked for pre-orders and owners of the Overgrowth collectors edition . Read more about the class here.

• The Aelion Day event has begun. Read more here.

• New difficulty levels have been unlocked for characters with the divine form. Read more about the difficulty levels here.

• The penalty on the reward for rank difference between a monster and a character has been removed.

• You can now complete challenges in the new Challenge System. Note! All characters located in Ontes Valley at the time of the update will need to re-enter the location to receive the correct amount of ether for Provoker and God of Provocation challenges.


• Every directive will now give you quests on Thea, the Antean Wasteland, or the invaded region. Weekly quests are now replaced by daily local quests in directives.

• The reward for weekly quests is now given in the directives.

• The directives now have two new types of quests: Special Squad and Special Group. They require a group of random allies.

• Reality Rift and other similar quests have been removed from the directives.


• Added in-game titles:

  • Founder. Available to the Early Access Pack buyers.
  • Elder God. Available to characters who unlocked higher divinity.

• Enter the Style Room to activate your title.


• Fixed the issue that caused the legendary ring Unity of Aspects to increase the critical strike chance by 1.5% max.

• Fixed the issue that prevented characters to obtain more than one jewelry aspect during the same season of invasion.

• Now jewelry aspects’ duplicates can be received only after collecting all 4 jewelry aspects.


• Fixed the issue that caused the Trilia Flower to change its color upon dismounting.

• Fixed the issue that caused the Goliath to change its color upon self-destruction.


• Fixed the issue that caused the knee pads of male costume “Reapers of Death Terror Armor” to increase in size.

• Sage Headwear is now displayed correctly.

• Sleeves of the Wedding Dress are now displayed correctly.


• Fixed the animation of male characters using the Experimental Transport while out of combat.

• Fixed the animations of Kinetic’s movements.


• The Spear Attack doesn’t activate companion’s attack.

Invaded Regions

• Fixed the issue when a low-level equipment was rewarded for destroying bosses in the invaded regions.

Ontes Valley

• Fixed the issue when the Frost Shackles failed to freeze characters in the Hostile Territories.


• Now symbols and abilities descriptions (“Symbols” page) contain instructions how to gain access to this symbol or ability. Available for locked symbols and abilities only.

• For the bloodthirsty ones. Now the color of enemies’ body parts that are splashed after the Berserker’s finishing strike is used depends on their blood color.

• Hyper Engine artifact’s icon in the Style Room has been corrected.

• Players will receive the correct bonus loot from Operation Ophelia

Aelion Day 2018

The Immortals of Aelion have seen a thing or two. New challenges are unleashed upon the world every year with unmitigated destruction. Together, you have fought to keep the world safe from invading forces and united in the face of extreme adversity!

To honour this devotion, we are launching a 3 weeklong event celebrating Skyforge’s anniversary on all three platforms – PC, PS4, and Xbox. (Arriving on consoles on April 12th.) All platforms will have their anniversaries converged into one event: Aelion Day!

Skyforgepatch notesAelion Day

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