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Lineage 2: Revolution Talks About Server Merges, New Servers, And More Content Coming In May

Greetings, Heroes of Aden! Did you enjoy the 4/11 update? We’ve already started the prep work for future updates to ensure a fresh experience. We’re planning to release weekly updates on what May will bring, and hope you’re as excited as we are. In this week’s Developer Notes, we’ll be going over a few things: The addition of new servers, a server merge, and the game’s upcoming launch in Latin America! Shall we go over everything in more detail?

First of all, let’s discuss the new servers. We made the decision to add new servers with the massive May update so that we can support even more heroes in their adventures. To prepare for the new servers, a new server pre-registration event will begin the evening of April 15th (morning of April 16th for certain regions). Uncharted territory awaits you, heroes! New servers will be added for the following regions: North America 1, North America 2, and Europe. Additional information on the new servers will be shared later on.

New server exclusive items and a new server event will be available for those starting on the new server, for both new adventurers and experienced veterans looking for a fresh start. The new server isn’t the only place for all the festivities! Keep in mind that along with May’s massive update, preexisting servers will have various events and items for sale.

Another huge announcement that we have to make is that Lineage 2: Revolution is officially launching in Latin America!Thank you for all your support. To clear things up: Heroes who access the pre-registration site in regions like North America, Europe and Oceania will see the new server pre-registration page. Heroes in Latin America will see the grand launch pre-registration page. Looks like the competition is about to heat up! If you’re itching for new adventures, don’t forget to participate in the new server pre-registration event!

Secondly, we’d like to talk about the server merge. Here are some of the reasons behind this decision:

  • To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for co-op content.
  • To ensure more dynamic and competitive Clan content.
  • Decision is based off of various standards (concurrent players for each server, Combat Power average, etc.).
  • Character, Currency, Clan, and Friend information on the servers being merged will be preserved where possible.

Please be aware that characters meeting ALL of the following requirements will be deleted upon the server merge.

  • Characters on accounts that have not logged in for 30 days or more.
  • Characters on an account where all characters are under Level 10.
  • Characters on accounts with no transaction history.

Furthermore, duplicate character names for characters created prior to this notice and after this notice will be affected differently in the name change process. Please read through the details below.

  • Let’s suppose that two characters with the same name, ‘Revolution,’ were created on Servers A and B before this notice. What happens when the servers merge to form Server C?

⇨ After the server merge, Server A and B’s ‘Revolution’ will be renamed to ‘Revolution@’ and ‘Revolution#’.

⇨ Both characters will be able to use the ‘Character Name Change Ticket’ to change their name to ‘Revolution’ (First come, first serve basis).

  • Then, what happens if one character, server A’s ‘Lineage,’ was created before this notice, and server B’s ‘Lineage’ was created afterward?

⇨ After the server merge, Server A and B’s ‘Lineage’ will be renamed to ‘Lineage@’ and ‘Lineage#’.

⇨ In this case, Server A’s character will be able to use the ‘Character Name Change Ticket’ to change their name back to ‘Lineage.’ Server B’s character will not be able to change their name back to ‘Lineage.’

The server merge will ensure that players will be able to experience smoother matching for co-op content, and more competitive Fortress Siege and Clan content. We hope that you’ll be able to better experience the fun and dynamic aspects of an MMORPG with these improvements. We will be doing our absolute best to prevent confusion regarding the server merge. To do this, we’ve written up a Server Merge FAQ to hopefully answer some of the questions you may have. Check out the detailed questions and answers by clicking the link below.

Go to the Server Merge Q&A 

How about it? Are you excited for the massive May Update, the new servers, and the upcoming server merge? We’re excited that new heroes from Latin America will be able to join us soon. Though we weren’t able to cover much of the May update in this edition of the Developer Notes, we’ll be sure to cover more of that information in next week’s edition.
Until then, happy hunting!

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