Villagers And Heroes Throws An Open House…

Villagers And Heroes Throws An Open House With Its Wellspring Content Update

Wellspring (4.14)


Winter is over, and the bright Renaissance of spring is at last, and blissfully, upon us — not just in the real world, where colorful blossoms now abound and vibrant new life pleasantly churns around us, but in Villagers & Heroes, too, where a similar rejuvenation of the landscape, the mechanics, and the spirit of the game has undergone a radiant new awakening.

Wellspring isn’t just a little build with a couple of pretty new plants added, or a few minor tweaks made here and there to the otherwise routine gameplay.   It is a dynamic expansion to Villagers & Heroes which has transformed the weighty and elaborate crafting and gathering elements of the game into a lean, tight system, one which, though now much simplified, still retains the richness and complexity as it ever did before.


The following features are now available on Android and iOS.

  •  Enhancement: Make your gear more powerful.
  •  Village Politics: Participate in village elections and start your own mayoral campaign, complete with customizable campaign slogans and colors!
  •  Ranks & Mayoral Tools: Set up custom ranks for members of your village, change the village name and slogan, set vault access and more!
  •  Animal Shopping List: Get an instant overview of all food items your ranching animals need!
  •  Village Projects: Work together to contribute to a vast number of projects around the village, bringing all sorts of benefit for everyone!


The following changes have been made to the village.

  •  The Villages now have 7 new village projects! (see below)
  •  The village environment can now be fully customized.
  •  When a player teleports to their Village, they will now arrive directly at their house. There is no longer a travel pad in the village.
  •  Several new village teleporters have been added.
  •  Available house lots are now shown in village’s zone map if you don’t have a house already. This should make it easy for new players to find a house.
  •  You can now choose a color for your campaign slogan when running for mayor.
  •  The UIs for any village management have been completely overhauled. You now access a “Town Hall” window using the village button in the top left of the HUD (main menu on mobile). From here you can manage everything village-related, from anywhere.
  •  The Villages have had several visual / cosmetic upgrades.
  •  The bonuses for being in a large village were adjusted:
    • A village now grows to the next “tier”, such as “Hamlet” or “Town”, at populations of 10, 25, 40 and 55.
    • These now provide XP bonuses of 3%, 6%, 9% and 15%.
  •  The Graveyard District has been rethemed to “The Borough” and it is a now a serene alcove area matching the rest of the village.
  •  The Lakeside District has been cosmetically altered to match the reset of the village in theme.
    • Several new house islands have been added to lakeside.
  •  Guild villages now require 40 members to keep the village private.
  •  The village sky choices have been improved, lightening up several of the darker ones.
  •  Rent is no longer a required fee and is no longer a perk of Ardent Society.
    • Whenever a character logs into the game world their house will update remaining secure for an additional 14 days. After 14 days of not logging in, a character will lose their house. A mail message will be sent to the character explaining that they were evicted and how to prevent it from happening again.
    • For the rare case where a player may go on vacation or have a broken computer, there is a new option to pay for a bonus extension with gold.
  •  Village Project Daily Tasks have been streamlined and simplified.
  •  Village Project daily tasks now give experience based on the type of item you donate.
  •  The amount of experience you get from donating to a village project has been increased from 10xp per item to 15xp per item.
  •  Village Projects no longer have general contribution. The only way to complete Village projects is by completing daily tasks.
  •  There is no longer a gathering level bonus or lucky find bonus for being in a large village.
  •  The Districts have been removed as Village Projects. All villages gain access to these areas immediately.
  •  Big Villy has been removed. Future villages being added will be handled by Mad Otter.
  •  There is no longer a 50 material penalty for stocking the village node for the first time ever.

There are seven brand new Village Projects!

  •  The Sugar Mill, Fish Hatchery, Seedling Nursery, and Geology Lab.
    • These four new projects are ways for the Village to upgrade their Village Gathering nodes.
    • With each upgrade, a Village node will remain stocked for longer, up to ludicrous amounts (maxing out at 10,000 stocked).
    • To stock a village node, it will still always require only 20 natural materials.
    • With these projects, a village can create safe havens where villagers can gather in safety while their hero counterparts can go out into the world to get the small amount of natural materials needed.
  •  The Arboretum
    • Upgrading this Village project will allow the Village to change the look of all trees in their Village.
    • There are 7 different colors of Foliage Trees, and 7 different colors of Pine Trees that can be unlocked (in addition to the base versions, so 8 of each total).
    • Foliage Trees and Pine Trees can be changed independent of one another.
    • Using Village Politics, only those with the correct permissions will be able to change the tree styles.
  •  Soilworks
    • Upgrading this Village project will allow the Village to change the look of the terrain in the village.
    • Changing the terrain will change the ground texture, grass that grows there, and flowers.
    • There are 7 different soil types that can be unlocked (plus the base, so 8 in total).
    • Using Village Politics, only those with the correct permissions will be able to change the soil types.
  •  The Wellspring
    • The Wellspring is a new project located in a cavern below the town center.
    • The Wellspring is a repeatable project.
    • Completing the Wellspring project will grant your entire village powerful boosts that last for 3 days.
    • There are several types and versions of boosts.
    • The boost earned after completing the project will be random.
    • After the 3 day buff expires, the Wellspring Project will be reset and can be completed again.

Wellspring also adds Villager Insight, and extra reward for every gathering/crafting level.

  •  When a player levels up a gathering or crafting skill they will get a temporary buff called “Villager Insight”.
    • This is a small perk so that players can have something to look forward to after every level.
    • Villager Insight makes it so every gather gives +1 material and base crafting time is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
    • When you level you will get the buff for a duration equal to 15 seconds multiplied by your new level. So if you get Bug Lore level 80, you will get the buff for 20 minutes.
    • Leveling up while you already have the buff will simply add time to your existing buff.
    • As the buff benefits both gathering and crafting, it is up to the player how to spend this valuable time.
    • As the buff is just like any other buff that wears off regardless of activity or log in / log out time, it is up to the player to strategically use this valuable time.


The gathering side of the game has been significantly improved.

  •  While gathering in the world, a player will be able to pick a node for an item they need, and get only that item. There is no variation in what items can be found. This makes getting what you need much easier.
  •  All gathered items now have loreful little tidbits in the tooltip (thanks Sarah!).
  •  The variety of gatherable items has been reduced. Instead of a new type of item every 5 levels, now there is a new type of item every 15 levels.
  •  All gathered items have new names and icons.
  •  Rare and Legendary gathers have had their chance to find significantly increased, and are now in addition to the normal material type, rather than instead (so you can get both at the same time).
  •  Rare and Legendary gathers no longer can take advantage of lucky find multi bonuses.
  •  Experience for gathering is now a static 100xp per material found. There is no penalty or bonus for gathering something outside your skill level range.
  •  All gathered materials now stack to a maximum of 250. This may seem like a huge reduction, but if one considers the reduction of materials it is a fairly balanced change. For example, before a player could have 1 of each type of ore in their vault, taking up 55 vault slots. In the new system that would only take up 7 vault slots, an 87% reduction.

Latch Gathering

  •  When a player selects a gather node to gather, they will now repeatedly gather for 1 minute, collecting materials and using supplies every few seconds. The speed of gathering will be based on gathering tool and supplies used, but will always last for a full minute. Latch gathering can be cancelled at any time. Latch Gathering will GREATLY diminish the amount of “clicking” needed to play Villagers and Heroes!


  •  Fishing now has two subcategories: Oil Fish used to create Oils, and Meat Fish used for Cooking recipes.
  •  Oil Fish have their own type of fishing hole with a unique map icon. The 3d model matches the fish type.
  •  Meat Fish have their own type of fishing hole with a unique map icon. The 3d model matches the fish type.
  •  There are no more big / medium / small sizes of fish.

Bug Lore

  •  There are now two subcategories in Bug Lore. Beetles, used for cooking. And Silkworms, used to make cloth.
  •  Beetles are caught from Rotten Logs. These have a unique map icon.
  •  Silkworms are caught from Silknests, which 3d model matches the Silkworm type. Silknests have their own unique map icon.
  •  There are no longer Butterflies, Dragonflies, Earthworms, or Ants.
  •  We have removed the Arthropodic effect (however triad potions are now better to compensate).


  •  All mining nodes are now called “Deposits” and the 3d model matches the type of ore.
  •  There are no longer shiny and glistening variants of ore.

Plant Lore

  •  All wood trees have a unique model that matches the wood.
  •  All mushrooms 3d models now match the mushroom type.
  •  All gathered Fruit are now only Fruit (no berries or melons), and picked from Fruit Trees that have the fruit within their branches in the 3d world.
  •  There are no longer stout and seasoned variants of wood.

Bountiful Gathering

  •  While gathering at higher level nodes of a given type, the quantity of materials found will steadily increase. E.g. on average, a level 10 node will give more copper than a level 5 node. However this bonus resets at the start of each new material type, so at level 15 when the player starts to gather Tin instead of Copper, the bonus will be reset.
    • While gathering in the village, the system will automatically adjust to give you the best benefits based on your gathering skill level.
  •  What used to be called Lucky Find is now Bountiful Gathering. However instead of it being general, it is now broken up into one stat per gathering skill (e.g. Bug Lore Bountiful Gathering Chance, Mining Bountiful Gathering Chance, etc.). Additionally, the amount of bonus materials found is now always a minimum of three.
  •  Both benefits of Bountiful Gathering only work if you have a properly leveled tool equipped. Gathering with a tool that is too low level will result in both features of Bountiful Gathering being completely disabled.


  •  Gathering tools now have a buy price that more closely matches other game gold costs.
  •  Gathering tools now breakdown a little bit faster.
  •  Starter tools gained as a Realm bonus no longer expire and are permanent.
  •  Legacy golden tools have been removed and are being converted into the new version, gaining the 20% speed enhancement, but losing the ‘never needs repair’ property.

Gathering Zones

  •  Ethos Island zones and Ardent Hub now have gatherable nodes for all levels 1-10.
  •  Lake Kiwa now has all gather nodes for levels 10-29.
  •  Forevers Tree now has an off chamber as a gathering sanctuary for levels 30-39.
  •  The Traven Gathering Isles have been converted into one single zone, “The Thriving Isles”.
    • The Thriving Isles has gathering nodes from level 40 to 59 for all gathering lines.
    • Keystones are no longer needed to access the Thriving Isles.
  •  Gargoyle Gardens now has all gathers from level 60 to level 74 and has received a minor visual update. Its key lock status remains unchanged.

Gathering Related Quests

  •  Junipod’s daily crafting quest has been removed, however the other copse dailies have had their rewards increased to compensate.
  •  Removed the quest The Fruits of the Coille, but the quest “Spriggan Compassion Ritual” now gives a bonus Lampkin Totem.
  •  Removed Chilperic and quest.
  •  Removed the Goldenvale pie quests.
  •  Removed the quests Kids these Days, Jewel-Studded Bee Stinger Collar, Velvet Worm, Stinging Blasio, Thy Gnome Good Sir!, Shiverstead Market.

Monster Parts

  •  All Monster Parts (except Pelts) have been removed from the game. Legacy items will be converted to Motes of Yorick.
  •  We have removed the low level pelt / monster part vendors.


  •  The Garden has a new 3d model in game.
  •  All Gardening Fruits have been renamed to “Melons and Berries”. They no longer have the Fruit Invigoration effect.
  •  All herbs now grow in 5 hours.
  •  All melons and berries now grow in 5 hours.
  •  All vegetables now grow in 5 hours.
  •  The general level curve of seeds has been cleaned up to follow a pattern more closely. The pattern repeats every 5 levels.
  •  Magic Seeds and the Magic Seed vendor have been removed from the game.
  •  Gardening no longer has “Spices”.
  •  Gardening no longer has Hasty Herbs. Herbs have been made more powerful to compensate.


  •  The Animal Pen has a new 3d model in game.
  •  The odds of a sheep or boar asking for a gardening crop has been adjusted to compensate for the difference in quantity between gathering and gardening materials. In the end, it will be a 50/50 split between your animal asking for something gathered vs something grown.
  •  Water is now present on all animals shopping lists, regardless of level.
  •  Updated the sheep tooltip in the kennel to show more detailed information in a clear way.
  •  Livestock produce is no longer shown above livestock head, and progress bars are hidden unless you are interacting with them. This should reduce the confusing clutter on screen.
  •  The Sheep pen has been removed from Ardent City.
  •  All elemental sheep have been removed. All previously owned elemental sheep will be converted into normal sheep.


The charter system has been revamped.

  •  Charters have been streamlined into a currency system.
    • Instead of accepting and turning in charters like a quest, players can simply sell items to a charter vendor.
    • Any item that can be sold for charter tokens will have its sell price listed in its tooltip.
    • All gathered items as well as many crafted items have a charter token sell price.
    • Royal Charter Tokens are now called simply “Charter Tokens” and have a new icon.
    • The granularity of value on charter tokens has significantly increased. For example, a gathering crown now costs 300,000 charter tokens. However during conversion, each old Royal Charter Token will be converted into 153 of the new tokens, meaning progress towards a specific item will persist.
  •  Charter vendors now sell skill books. A skill book is a consumable item that grants 2% experience towards your current level in a given skill. This XP does not gain from XP boosters.
  •  Motes of Yorick are now for sale for Charter Tokens at 50 Tokens each.
  •  Guard charters are now just called guard patrols. They are no longer part of the charter system (they do not reward charter tokens) but now instead give more experience.


Crafting has been simplified and streamlined. Recipes make much more sense.

  •  Crafting no longer has intense inter-dependencies between skill lines. If a player wants to only do 1, 2, or 3 of the skills rather than all 4, it is now easier to do so.
  •  The general naming scheme of crafted items is now much more clear, making logical sense in most cases. E.g. Wildpaw Pelts turn into Wildpaw Leather.
  •  Juggernaut can now be found on crafted gear.
  •  Thorncrest, Ardent, and Stormhold now start with crafting tools similar to the other realm gathering tools.
  •  Certain recipes have had their XP rewards made static, meaning they don’t change with ingredient quantity, and don’t lose value as the player levels up. All refined ingredients have static XP.
  •  Because of latch crafting and other balance changes, base mote find chance has been reduced from 15% to 5%.
  •  Item shop crafting tools now boost XP by 30% instead of 20%.
  •  The gold cost of gear recipes has been reduced by 80%.
  •  Crafting XP tables at high levels (60+) have been rebalanced (lowered a bit). The difficulty spike that happened at level 60 has been smoothed out.
  •  All monster parts have been removed from crafting recipes.
  •  All elemental fleece have been removed from crafted recipes.

Refined Ingredients

  •  All refined ingredients have one single recipe (as there is no longer gleaming, stout, large versions of gathered items).
  •  All refined ingredients follow the same base recipe: 2 gathered items become 1 refined ingredient. The exception for this is Cooking which requires 2 fish + 1 water.
  •  Refined ingredients no longer chain. You do not need lower level versions to create higher level versions.

Latch Crafting

  •  Players will now have the option to latch craft. Similar to how latch gathering works, players can continually craft the same recipe for up to one minute, reducing the amount of clicking needed twentyfold. Latch crafting is separate from using motes of yorick. The two systems can be used independently of one another or in conjunctions.


  •  Components are new items used to create gear.
    • Components are things that make sense, e.g. to make a belt you need a belt buckle.
    • Each crafting line (except cooking) has its own components that it can create.
    • Components are classless. Each component works for and is needed for all classes and spec types.
    • There is a new type of component every 15 levels matching material changes. E.g. A Copper Belt Buckle is used for all belts level 1-14, and a Tin Belt Buckle is used for all belts level 15-29.
  •  Each gear type has a component part that it needs:
    • Belts need Belt Buckles which are Smithed from Ingots.
    • Shoes need Hobnails which are Smithed from Ingots.
    • Armor and Glove need Thread which is Tailored from Cloth.
    • Weapons need Leather Grips, which is Tailored from Leather.
    • Helms need Helm Clasps, which are assembled with Woodcrafting, using a mixture of Ingots, Leather, Cloth, and Timber.
  •  All components of all types and levels are also purchasable from in game gold vendors.
    • Purchasing a component is significantly more expensive than crafting your own, but can save a lot of time from attempting to level up a crafting skill you don’t particularly want.
    • Vendors for components are in the Village, Ardent City, Summers Hollow, Traders Path, and Lake Kiwa.
  •  Salvaging gear has a small chance to salvage a component.

Crafted Permanent Consumables

  •  Consumables from Smithing, Tailoring, and Woodcrafting are no longer temporary buffs.
    • These items are now consumables that are used by applying to a piece of gear. Once applied, they will be permanent as long as the player keeps that piece of gear.
    • A player can upgrade one of these buffs (overriding the previous version) at any time.
    • During gnogmenting, these bonuses will stay attached to the ‘stats’ portion of the item (just like Enhancements).
  •  Wood Oils have been renamed to Resins.
  •  Scraps have been renamed to Embroidery.

Crafting Jewelry (Anabelle, Frederich, Yorick)

  •  Crafting Jewelry is now an enchantment. Put the necklace on one time, and your character will have the effect forever. Placing higher versions of the enchantment on will upgrade your permanent enchantment to the new rank.
  •  Crafting Jewelry is now soulbound on creation.
  •  Crafting Jewelry recipes now requires the previous version necklace as an ingredient (similar to crafting tools). This version can be a husk item that has had its enchantment removed. This means a crafter will create the lowest version, equip it to gain the effect forever, and then save the husk. Later they will use the husk to create the next version, equip it, upgrading their enchantment, and then saving that husk… and so on and so forth.
  •  Crafting Jewelry has been split between the three main gear lines. Carpenters create Frederich’s Pendants, Smiths create Anabelle’s Brooches, and Tailors create Yorick’s Necklaces.
  •  Correctly changed Anabelle to have brooches not broaches.
  •  The entire system of bags and chess pieces has been removed. All existing chess pieces will be converted to lucky gems.
  •  All Crafting Jewelry rings have been removed, the main buff on necklaces has been made more powerful to compensate. Existing rings on live servers will simply vanish.


  •  Cooking is now the only skill line that has consumable buff items.
  •  Decoctions have been renamed to Oils.
  •  All Extracts have been converted into one Mastery potion, and it is now classified as a dram which is now a cooking item.
  •  All Drams have been converted to cooked items and have a new naming scheme. Drams are now significantly easier to craft, and are not used as ingredients for gear.
  •  All Mana Boosting Potions have been renamed to Mana Rolls, a bread / food item.
  •  All Pies no longer require Cinnamon, but now require eggs of similar level.
  •  All breakdown recipes have been removed. Eggs and Ham can be “used” to breakdown.


  •  Smiths can now make Belt Buckles and Hobnails.
  •  All smithed gear now only requires Ingots and components.
  •  Pigs have been renamed to Ingots.
  •  Blazons have been removed from the game.


  •  All Woodcraft gear now only requires Timber and components.
  •  Carpenters can now make Helm Clasps. A very challenging component requiring all 3 skill lines to produce.
  •  Carpenters can now make Wooden Carvings, which are classless trinkets.
    • Wooden Carvings come with a new unique trinket effect, Tree Form, which turns your skin to bark and grants an absorb shield.
    • Wooden Carvings are soulbound on creation, only carpenters will have access to them.
    • Trinkets now have a single passive slot, used for Reinforcement Runes.
  •  Beams have been renamed to Timber.
  •  Signets have been removed from the game.


  •  All tailored gear now only requires components and either Cloth or Leather.
  •  Tailors can now make Thread and Leather Handgrip components.
  •  There are now two ways to create cloth: using either 2 fleece, or 2 silkworms (bugs which can be gathered).
  •  All breakdown recipes have been removed. Pelts and Fleece can be “used” to breakdown.
  •  All recipes that turn harvest vendor items into fleece have been removed.
  •  The harvest vendor has been removed.
  •  Badges have been removed from the game.


A new way to make each crafter feel unique and special.

  •  Players can now specialize in a certain area in crafting.
    • Crafting Specializations are permanent changes that change how and what you can craft.
    • Once chosen, a specialization can never be changed on that character. Characters must choose wisely.
    • To select a specialization, a player must first purchase a Crafter’s Mark of Specialization and then talk with Steery in Ardent City.
    • Crafter’s Marks of Specialization are new items that are sold by Charter vendors and cost 175k tokens. The price is high, but the rewards are great.
    • Specializations are purely “on-top” extras. By specializing a player does not lose the ability to craft any item.
  • Players can choose one of the following five specializations:
    • Weapons Master: Your crafted Weapons and Shields are created as if you had an additional recipe star; at five stars you have a chance to create Epic items. Additionally, your crafted Weapons and Shields are able to have stats not normally found on crafted gear.
    • Armor Master: Your crafted Armor is created as if you had an additional recipe star; at five stars you have a chance to create Epic items. This includes Chest Armor, Helms, Boots, Gloves, and Belts.
    • Potions Master: When cooking Potions and Drams, you have a chance to create between one and four bonus items without requiring additional ingredients. You get experience for all bonus items created. You also learn how to make both Treasure Drams and Malice Drams.
    • Preparation Master: When you craft a Preparation item, the recipe’s gold cost is waived, making it totally free. Additionally, you learn how to make three new types of rare Preparation items.
    • Production Master: You gain 5% increased Mote Reduction chance, and when it triggers while crafting it returns all motes instead of half. Additionally, all crafting experience is increased by 50%.


A new and improved way to get great rewards, just by logging in!

  •  There is a completely new Monthly login calendar.
    • Everyday a player logs in to Villagers and Heroes they can collect increasingly valuable rewards. The best rewards are at the end of the month.
    • Miss a day and your calendar will still progress, but you will be unable to get the later month rewards. Don’t miss out!
    • On day 7, 14, 21, and 28 a special prize will be given out. Collect all four of the special prizes and you will earn a really powerful prize.
    • Each month this special prize changes. The prize can be mounts, toys, vault space, enchantments and more.
    • Each account has one login calendar, shared across all characters on the account.
    • All prizes earned from the Monthly Calendar are bound to account and placed in the collecting character’s inventory.
  •  There is a completely new 30 day calendar, just for new players.
    • With 30 days to fill, there are plenty of new awesome rewards.
    • Unlike before, this calendar doesn’t allow for skipped days, so all characters will always get all of the rewards.
    • Once completed, the character will then begin seeing the normal monthly login calendar.
    • All new player calendars give soulbound items.
  •  The 5 day daily login bonus has been removed.
  •  Lucky cards have been removed.
  •  The previous 7 day new player calendar has been removed.


  •  Guilds can now promote other players to guild officers. Officers are able to invite other players into the guild just the same as a guild leader.
    • The command is /gofficer add NAME
  •  The Auction House has several new categories.
  •  Added a border around effect icons and made the charge count easier to read, for better clarity.
  •  After unlocking a mount, you will now automatically mount it.
  •  There is a new item in the shop that allows players to rename their characters.
  •  New setting: “Hide foreign chat”, which will hide any chat if the sender doesn’t have the same language setting as you.
  •  We have added Japanese language support.
  •  All quests now track through portals, making it much easier to find where you need to go.
  •  Motes of Yorick now confirm before deletion.
  •   Motes of Yorick now show more detailed information in the item browser.
  •   The Village loading screen now features a new piece of art.
  •   The bags you have selected to sort is now saved between sessions.
  •   Pressing the device Back button now works consistently.
  •   New items in your inventory are now highlighted.
  •   Supplies window now has a Help button.
  •   When a player attempts to pick up a loot drop or gather drop while their bags are full, it will now give them a warning message.
  •   Switching to the secondary quick action bar now lasts five seconds, then returns to the standard bar.
    • Using a slot will reset this timer back to 5 seconds and viewing a tooltip will pause the timer.
    • At any point the toggle can be hit again to switch back early.
    • We made this change because players would often accidentally switch to the secondary bar and then believe they had lost their feats.
  •  Made some under the hood changes that should make item shop Elixir potions more reliable.
  •  Korean has been updated with a new, more readable font.
  •  The icons for Half Heal, Full Heal, Half Mana and Full Mana have been updated.
  •  Updated the name, rarity, and tooltip of Salvaging rods to be more clear.
  •  Rift bosses now reset at the normal 22 hours.
  •   Some HUD icons have been updated for clarity and polish.
  •   The Village and Achievements buttons have swapped their position – so the Village button is now always on the HUD, and Achievements are now accessible in the “…” menu.
  •   Close button icons are now red.
  •   The Redeem Code window is now stylistically nicer, and has a button in the menu.
  •   The Knowledge Book on PC now looks more like the crafting window and shows the recipes’ ingredient requirements in a more clear fashion.
  •   Effect icons above Feat Bar go 12 across now instead of 8.
  •   Vendors no longer combine stacks of items in the sell menu. All items are listed in your inventory in the stack sizes as they actually are.
  •   The map window has been updated! You can now see the entire area of the zone map, meaning no more hidden icons. Grid lines are now also present.
  •   The world map has also been updated slightly to cover a larger portion of the screen.
  •   The headers in the Supplies window have been made more readable.
  •   The process for purchasing a crowns package or a special offer is now much clearer.
  •   Enchantments are now shown in the Character window, for better consistency with PC.
  •   Adjusted the position of overlay buttons (such as OK, or Yes and No) to be easier to tap.
  •   Minimap art is now more consistent while in “uncharted lands”.
  •   Several small tweaks to make it easier to view item tooltips in the inventory list.
  •   Made no materials messages appear (and distinguish between causes for better messaging).
  •   Player responses in the mobile dialogue window now have a larger text size.
  •   The mount selection menu now always displays over the chat pane.
  •   Clicking to interact while autorunning now works.
  •   Removed some old and outdated high level tutorial messages.


There are a ton of bugs fixed with Wellspring, listed here are some of the more notable ones.

  •  Camera distance should now no longer reset to default after traveling to a new zone.
  •  Fireball could not be used if spirit was less than spirit cost, even if Pyromaniac ultimate was unlocked.
  •  Searching for items in the auction house would have no results, unless all letters were lowercase.
  •  Added a way for players to continue the wishing well quest if they happen to get disconnected right as the miscreant appears over the well. They can just talk to Piper again and it will progress.
  •  There is no longer anything in game that makes mention of creating a new village (since players couldn’t actually do that).
  •  Fixed a case where the quest “The Company of a Hag” wouldn’t complete.
  •  Fixed a case where it was hard to leave the portal in Addicts Ascent if you were on certain mounts.
  •  Fixed a bug where Odettes lair quest would track and it would track to nothing.
  •  Fixed a very rare case where Pink Pool Perils could get bugged.
  •   Hopefully fixed issues with chat getting cut off for real this time.
  •   Hopefully fixed an issue where, on occasion, the monster portrait in the header would display the wrong monster.
  •   “MalFormed Localized String” is displayed when trying to sell a golden sheep when language is German.
  •   Shift-clicking to move an item into the vault would sometimes fail or swap, instead of stacking or dropping into an empty space.
  •   Fixed a bug where some items that are sellable won’t sell with drag and drop or shift click.
  •   on mobile devices, after a trade was completed, it could never be closed.
  •   Bounties completed would show “%s bounties completed” instead of e.g. “10 / 20”
  •   Fixed a rare case where a vendor would list sellable items twice.

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