New Pokemon GO Raid Bos…

New Pokemon GO Raid Boss is Giving Players Trouble

Shuckle is a Tier 3 Raid Boss and the only Tier 3 Raid boss that is literary unsoloable to date. With 3552 CP, Shuckle should looks like an easy target, right? Think again, as this bizarrely difficult Boss has 396 Defense, 3000 HP and a secret desire to consume your free Raid Pass and give nothing in return. Life sometimes just isn’t fair.

If you manage to defeat a Shuckle, you will be surprised to see that it’s wondrous catch CPs are as follows:

  • 171 @ Level 20, no weather boost
  • 214 @ Level 25, Rainy or Partly Cloudy weather

Isn’t he lovely?

Shuckle Counters

Ho-Oh counters, weaknesses and weather influence
ShuckleShuckle raid counters
BOOSTED BY Rainy Partly Cloudy
Best Shuckle Counters
Kyogre Waterfall WATER Hydro Pump WATER
Gyarados Waterfall WATER Hydro Pump WATER
Tyranitar Iron Tail STEEL Stone Edge ROCK
Golem Rock Throw ROCK Stone Edge ROCK
Dragonite Steel Wing STEEL Draco Meteor DRAGON
Metagross Bullet Punch STEEL Flash Cannon STEEL
Rayquaza Dragon Tail DRAGON Outrage DRAGON

Fighting a Shuckle is unlike anything you’ve done before, as Shuckle is not the real enemy: the real enemy is the timer. Shuckle can hardly defeat anyone, as it has 17 Attack which makes it the worst attacker across Gen I – III.

However, Shuckle’s secret power lies in his defense, and he’s able to take some heavy hits. Most of the Shuckle raids we simulated end up after roughly around 300 seconds, which makes it easy for duo raiders, but impossible for solo raiders. Luckily, the counters listed above faint only once or twice per fight — Shuckle won’t really drain your Potion stash, but it will take some time to defeat.

Cloyster was a difficult raidNinetales was insane, but Shuckle is something different, something special. It’s a testament to insanity, and it requires two people to pledge the unholy oath of spend their free raid pass to fight (quite literary) a turtle-like object that only wants to be left alone.

If you are planning to raid a Shuckle, we suggest any the following weather conditions:

  • Rainy — boosts Water type moves, especially important for Kyogre
  • Partly Cloudy — it boosts both you and Shuckle, but it’s not something to worry about, every inch of extra DPS you can get works

But you know what, let’s have some fun, shall we? GO Hub is offering an exclusive, one of a kind, T-shirt to anyone who is able to prove us wrong and solo a Shuckle Raid. We won’t reveal the design of the T-shirt at this moment, but if you are able to prove that you managed to solo a Shuckle raid, the shirt is yours.

We tried, we failed:

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