Bless Online v1.0.0.4 Patch Note

Bless Online v1.0.0.4 update

[New Game Contents]

New BattleField: Peninsular War.

  • It is a battlefield where a max of 15 players from each faction may join (total 30 players).
  • Rules will change every week depending on the level rotation system.
  • Players can participate through the “War UI” button.
  • Waiting time before the battle starts will be 2-3 minutes. The battle will last around 15-25 minutes.
  • Only users who are at least level 30 may participate. All participating characters’ levels will be automatically scaled to level 45.
  • The faction that first acquires 20,000 points wins.
  • Schedule
    NA (PDT)
    EU (CEST)

[Game Balance Adjustments]

  • Balance Adjustments per Class:
    • As character attack power is stronger than intended while healing is comparably weak, a large scale balance fix was carried out: Almost all skills’ damage were decreased while all class’ HP was increased.
    • Every class’ dodge skills are now “rechargeable skills” and for some classes, their necessary (e.g. Bravery, Anger etc.) resources were removed.
  • Chain Bonus Balance:
    The chain bonus was generally set too high, and could not even be applied over 7 chains. Through today’s patch, the overall chain bonus was reduced and the problem where it is not applied beyond 7 chains was resolved.

[Bug Fix]

  • During Hieron’s [Son of the Winter Hawk] quest, when fighting with the Orc Combat Commander, the fight does not end leading to the quest being uncompletable: Fixed.
  • The Order regarding the assassin class, which has yet to be released: Removed.
  • Localization errors are constantly being revised.

[Special Currency Shop]

  • Players can purchase the Skill Reset Scroll (Up to 3 per character) from the Special Currency Shop for only 1 Lumena for a limited time period.
  • Until our next scheduled maintenance on June 8, the price will continue to be 1 Lumena. However, the scheduled maintenance date is subject to change.

[Notice] Game Balance Adjustments

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