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Villagers & Heroes’s Midsummer Update Adds Twilight Vale Event Zone, Buffs Monster Damage

Twilight Vale (4.15)


The cascading green hills of the Twilight Vale, where mischievous fairies glide through the twinkling skies ready to assail all adventurers, and who lurk in the ever ominous Ladder of doom, have descended upon the Seven Realms to celebrate the always glorious time of year known as Midsummer!

This one-of-a kind event zone has much to offer all players —  crafters, questers, heroes, and festive revelers alike can all partake of lavish goodies and great rewards, not to mention the pleasure of frolicking through the serene and magical wonders of the Vale itself!

And in addition to the event zone, Patch 4.15 has a variety of new improvements, changes and items!  Take a look at all that you can expect in this hearty build.


The following new features have been added.
  •  Twilight Vale has opened! This year the event will give out a brand new mount and pet to those that earn them (in addition to the 30 day calendar Midsummer ultimate gift). The Vale should be open for a considerable amount of time (8-10 weeks). The portal to the Vale can be found in both Ardent City and Summer’s Hollow. Happy ladder climbing!
  •  Guild officers can now kick characters from the guild.
  •  Added a Charter vendor to Summer’s Hollow.
  •  Added tool vendors to Lake Kiwa, Forever Tree, Thriving Isles, and Stone Gardens.
  •  Made it so the following toys will not trigger their effect if the user is in combat: Theatrical Rose Bouquet, Branch of the Vale, Rift Ascension Stone, Spriggan Christmas Caroler, Clockwork Dancebot, Trumpet of Holy Light, Grimoire of the Dark Wood, Zombie Claw, and Spider Chelicera.
  •  The range of the Brightness slider has been reduced, to avoid unreasonable levels of darkness or brightness.


The following improvements have been made to the item shop.

  •  Bounty Hunter’s Badge is a new item in the shop. After consuming, the next 50 bounty bosses you defeat will award 100% bonus experience, 20% bonus gold, and a bonus medallion (if the bounty gives medallions). Bounty Hunter’s Badge cannot be active at the same time as a medallion extractor. Consuming multiple badges will stack the charges.
  •  Super Feed is a new item in the shop. Feeding this item to your animal will fully satisfy them (i.e. give animal xp and ranching xp as if you just took care of them 6 times then put them to sleep). In addition, it boosts the harvest count for that animal by two (and can stack multiple times).
  •  Miracle Water is a new item in the shop. This item waters your entire garden, and reduces remaining grow times be the greater of half of the duration left, or what Zharim water would have done.
  •  We have added a 5000 crown package for sale (not to be confused with crown gift bags).
  •  Clockwork Harvesters now stack charges (consuming another adds to your current charges). Charges for a harvester item are now listed in the item description tooltip instead of the effect tooltip.
  •  Changed harvester description to read “gain ten materials instead of one” to avoid confusion.
  •  Red Darrig has been updated to include all three of the new items in the shop.
    • Red Darrig chests still contain Health and Mana potions, Animal Treats, Benevolent Hero Crystal, and 10-use Harvesters.
    • Villager XP potions can still be purchased for Red Doubloons.
    • When a player uses a key to unlock a Red Darrig chest, the resulting Red Darrig chest is now Account Bound.
  •  The 30 day calendar Mercenary Potion has been changed to a Bounty Hunter’s Badge.
  •  Updated icons for Voltan’s Resurrects and Extra Sockets. Note: You may have to perform a clean reinstall for these icons to update.
  •  We have lowered the price of supplies in shop and added higher packaged versions.
  •  The following items are being removed from the store (but are not being removed from the game): Elixirs, XP Potions, Health and Mana potions, Crystal of the Benevolent Hero, Zharim Water and Pitchers, Animal Treats, Ranching Tools, 10-use harvesters, Medallion Extractors, House Style Tickets and many of the less popular outfits.
  •  We have removed the 25 crown package (not to be confused with crown gift bags).


The following changes have been made to general game balance and quests.

  •  Village Project Daily Tasks: The amount of items needed for each day of a daily task have been balanced (total daily value of a task has been unchanged).
    • Refined Ingredients 5000 -> 4000
    • Fleece: 5000 -> 4000
    • Pelts: 5000 -> 4500
    • Leather: 5000 -> 3500
    • Ham / Eggs: 5000 -> 2000
  •  Pigs now produce ham once per day instead of every other day.
  •  The amount of fleece and leather that sheep and boars produce has been increased.
  •  Streamlined the purchase prices of garden seeds to make sure they are more in line with the resulting crops sale price. (this fixes a bug where some exotic crops would sell for less than the seeds cost).
  •  Monsters now do a little more damage at all levels.
  •  Liandra’s Gift dropped consumable has been reduced from 20% to 10%.
  •  Improved the power of Drams of Healing.
  •  Raised the chance for a Pelt to drop from 20% to 50%. Raised the chance for a Leather to drop from 15% to 25%.
  •  Updated the Leather 3d loot models to look like their corresponding leather. Made the Pelt 3d loot models a bit larger.
  •  Ginny the Gnogmenting Gnome
    • Made Ginny’s quest a main quest so it shows on the map.
    • Made Ginny’s quest only require one gnogmentation.
    • Gave Ginny a bit more Gnomish type of an area.
    • Cleaned up some of Ginny’s text to be more up to date.
  •  We fixed most Pyrrus quests to ‘clean up after themselves’, removing uneeded and extra quest items from player inventories. If after these changes players still see quests that aren’t correctly cleaning up after themselves, please send in bug reports so we can fix.
  •  Moved Enzo to the Apothecary so the player doesn’t have to back and forth portal several times.
  •  Lowered the cost of keys that require Malachite Medallions by a tiny bit.
  •  We lowered the requirements on several Pyrrus related quests:
    • Mold Fever. Collect 10 molds lowered to 4.
    • Creature Comforts: Collect 20 sacks of each lowered to 3 of each (40->6 total).
    • Prove it on the Kobolds: Kill 15 of each lowered to 5 (120->40 total).
    • Loyalty Through Action. Kill 20 of each lowered to 10 of each (60->30 total).
    • Prefavors for Patrocolus. Kill 15 of each lowered to 10 of each (30->20 total).
    • Brindle Initiation. Kill 15 Winged Masters lowered to 8.
    • Tell Me No Lies: Part 2. Collect 500 Parchment lowered to 200.
    • Jittery Skitters. Kill 30 Skitters lowered to 9.
    • Forced Rotation. Kill 20 of each lowered to 7 of each (80->28 total).
    • One Gargoyles Trash. Drop rate on trash increased from 50%->90%
    • Bileweed Collection. Collect 25 Bileweed lowered to 10.
    • Increased the chance to find the worm from Gargoyle Mender’s Satchel.
  •  Bounty bosses no longer award COG coins (but still give bounty power).


The following changes have been made to the Auction House.

  •  Added a zog category to the auction house.
  •  We have changed the available times to list an auction to 3 / 7 / 14 days. With the longer auction times it should make the auction house a more powerful marketplace. Because of the time changes, the listing deposit has been increased from 2% to 5% (this money is returned to you fully if your auction sells).
  •  Auctions now lists time left in Days if time is greater than 24 hours.


The following bug fixes have been made.
  •  Selling items to a vendor is now more responsive and won’t lag.
  •  Fixed Pelts and Leather to correctly drop again and removed some old code that made pelts / leather not drop below level 12.
  •  A bug would sometimes cause animals to get a very low amount of XP for their first interaction.
  •  The Triad potion to have the folded in properties of the now removed Arthropodic effect.
  •  Attempting to change a village name or slogan to something invalid now shows an error message box, instead of silently reverting back.
  •  Players with non-English languages would sometimes see non-Latin characters being displayed as ? in a diamond.
  •  Citizens would not be added to or removed from roster, except in village zone itself.
  •  Several camera-related issues after zoning. In particular, camera was sometimes very distant, and movement would sometimes glitch right after zoning.
  •  Correctly marked “The Mad Shaman” as a main quest.
  •  The name of one of Urian’s quests to mention Starlight Oil.
  •  A bug where the joke quest in Maiden could result in weird dialog handles.
  •  Some issues with Wellspring bonuses:
    • “Animals gain bonus XP” bonuses now correctly boost animal XP, not rancher XP.
    • “Gathering nodes have infinite supply” and “Gathering is faster and Cornucopia chance is increased” are now separate bonuses (they were combined due to an unintended bug).
  •  In rare circumstances, players could get logged out due to inactivity after only 60 seconds.
  •  Updated crafting tutorial NPCs to have correct helper info for wellspring.
  •  The crafting window no longer incorrectly lists gnogmented items as potential crafting ingredients. (Previously it would appear as if you could craft, but then correctly say “You do not have enough ingredients” if you tried to craft.)
  •  A bad teleport spot and some bad rugs in Bastion.
  •  Tybalt Barkeep in Summer’s Hollow isn’t bugged.
  •  Occasional zone crash when using emotes.
  •  A bug that would cause Protection Against Madness to not progress.
  •  Made it so Alistair will give another Rolumbo Whistle if a player loses theirs.
  •  Updated the salvaging error message to refer to weapons and armor instead of ‘crafted items’.
  •  The missing icon on the Great Invention.
  •  A floating tree in the Thriving Isles.
  •  Maplecrest quests to use a different check level under the hood (should make the quests more reliable).
  •  Very rare bug where an animal treat would give the animal a very low amount of XP.
  •  Fixed a bug where Pretty Fleece and Blame it on the Kobolds were giving out each others armaments.
  •  Clarified fishy feast text.
  •  If a player threw away a quest item for Tell Me No Lies: Part 1 they can kill the boss to get it again.
  •  Belinda to not go haywire.
  •  Typo: whose in shiverspine
  •  “Next Feeding” time could display a negative duration.
  •  Sometimes the store would get stuck in a permanent “Loading” screen.
  •   Sometimes the village Environment pane would be empty.
  •   Header portrait would sometimes turn into a silhouette after using a quickaction.
  •   <warn> and ><use> tags in vendor.
  •   The green fill of the village population progress bar was too big.
  •  Removed a mob that would get stuck on a rock in D2 of traders path.
  •  Removed the quest Boot Bringer.
  •  Removed Junipods requirements from the achievement “From Schoolchild to Scholar”
  •  We have removed the Gnogmenation stations from around the world. These were bugged and broken, and don’t have any real use anymore since Gnogging can be done on the fly.

Source: Patch notes

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