GW2 Gemstore Update – Venom Warblade…

GW2 Gemstore Update – Venom Warblade and Elite Reinforcement Package

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Venom Warblade for 600 gems and the Elite Reinforcement Package for 3000 gems.
Venom Warblade – 600 gems

  • These leave behind green trails when drawn or slashed around


Elite Reinforcement Package – 3000 gems

  • 1x Instant 80 ticket
  • 2x bag slot expansion
  • 1x character slot expansion
  • 1x bank tab expansion
  • 1x central tyria waypoint unlock cache


  • Kasmeer’s Package – 1360 gems – 15% OFF
  • Marjory’s Package – 1360 gems – 15% OFF
  • Taimi’s Package – 1700 gems – 15% OFF
  • Rox’s Package – 1360 gems – 15% OFF
  • Braham’s Bitterfrost Frontier Pack – 1700 gems – 35% OFF

Be Battle Ready with the Venom Warblade and Elite Reinforcements Package

Venom Warblade

Display your warning colors with this intimidating sword skin. We recommend wearing gloves while handling it—and whatever you do, don’t lick it.

Elite Reinforcements Package

Do you need another alt? Yes. This value package contains everything you need to get a character ready for level-80 content: a Character Slot Expansion, Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket, Central Tyria Waypoint Unlock Cache, Bank Tab Expansion, and two Bag Slot Expansions.

Seasonal Swaps and Sales

Say hello to your friends—Kasmeer’s Package, Marjory’s Package, Taimi’s Package, Rox’s Package, and Braham’s Bitterfrost Frontier Pack are back at 15% off! Check the store this weekend for more sales.

We’re refreshing our selection of miniatures next week, so be sure to take home your favorites while they’re in stock!

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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