SMITE Medusa’s Deathmatch | 5.10 PC Update…

SMITE Medusa’s Deathmatch | 5.10 PC Update Notes

If you’re ready for some chaotic gameplay, you’ll definitely want to check out SMITE’s latest update that brings Medusa’s Deathmatch into the game with its 3v3v3 action. You and your team will try to win three rounds by eliminating the enemy to be the last one’s standing. Teams will have to deal with one another AND a deadly sandstorm as it rages.

Medusa’s Deathmatch presents players with an all new challenge: TWO enemy teams at once! Explore the brand-new Egyptian map created specially for this adventure. Discover new ways to ambush your foes and take them out — before the sandstorm buries you all.

3 vs 3 vs 3

  • Experience SMITE’s first three team game mode! Take on two enemy squads at once.

Be the Last Team Standing

  • Eliminate all enemy players to win a round.
  • The first team to win three rounds wins the game!

Beware the Sandstorm!

  • As you fight, a deadly sandstorm encloses the map. Stay in the safe zone at all costs!

Medusa’s Deathmatch Bundle

  • Queen Cobra Medusa
  • Medusa’s Deathmatch Ward Skin
  • Medusa’s Deathmatch Jump Stamp
  • 3 Day Booster
  • 2x Death Scrolls on games played
  • Gold Key

Crystalline Bundle

  • Crystal Colossus Ymir
  • Crystalline Fountain Skin
  • Ymir is Here Avatar

Awesome Chest

  • New Additions to the Awesome Chest
    • Revenant Achilles
    • Basscannon Neith
    • Beaky Chibi Thoth
    • Sylvan Sentinel Hou Yi
    • Pixel Beast Cernunnos
    • Zenko Ratatoskr

Fantasy Points Store

  • New Additions to the Fantasy Points Store
  • Shaolin Fury Mercury
  • Fabulous Chiron
  • Brynhildr Bacchus
  • Fixed issues where players could not scroll properly on the following pages; God Page, Season Ticket Info, Glossary, Settings, Social, Ranked Information, Adventure Information.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping skins in the God Select Lobby could prevent the player banning from banning a god.
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard could display incorrect information after a player disconnects.
  • Fixed an issue where the Replay button would not function and could bring users into a bad state.
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game mute button (Text/VGS) would sometimes not mute players.
  • [Console Only] Fixed an issue where viewing a friends recent history resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where visiting the Player Profile screen could cause lag and in some cases crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where evolving items that provide health could provide a heal when it fully evolved.
  • Fixed an issue where the thumb mouse button could trigger pings randomly on the minimap.
  • Fixed an issue where allied health bars were displaying during the Arena Tutorial intro cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue where the chests tab would display no chests under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting “Go To” on a ward notification would bring you to the ward page being covered by the player profile page.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Switch Filter” text was cut off on the Player Profile.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for a pantheon could result in a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where emotes would still show as grey (unpurchased) even after they were purchased.
  • Fixed a spot where players could avoid the Fire Giant Fire Wall, allowing them to leave/enter without taking damage.
  • Fixed an issue where queueing too quickly would result in a timer for the queue not appearing.
  • Spectator
      • Fixed an issue where some frames would overlay on-top of each other when opening the ‘options’ menu.
      • Fixed an issue where toggling ‘Expert’ mode would result in UI elements appearing on-top of each other.



This Relic was shown to be the meta relic of choice by pros at the spring LAN. Duo laners picked this relic and its upgrade up at level 1 quite often and the effects were devastating and hard to counter. We are decreasing the amount of movement speed provided by the relic and its upgrade to make sure this strategy has possible counters.
  • Decreased Movement Speed from 30% to 20%

  • Decreased Movement Speed from 30% to 20%

  • Updated description text to make it more clear that stacks are only lost on Physical God damage

Assassins that prefer Hydra’s Lament have been much less prevalent than the bursty ability based assassins lately. Using Hydra’s to its full effect takes extra skill and planning and we want to make sure those players and gods are rewarded for that.
  • Increased Basic Attack Bonus damage from 40% to 50%

Basic attack focused assassins are struggling. The Hastened Katana is their core item so we are decreasing the cost to get them online faster and help compensate for other expensive must-build items like Qins Blades.
  • Decreased Cost from 2400 to 2200

Removing the RNG from this item to make it more consistent was quite a large buff. Even with the decreased total debuff the increase reliability of the item has made it a popular choice. As basic attack gods have been struggling we are decreasing this items core stats to solidify it as a counter-build item rather than a catch-all item.
  • Decreased Health from 350 to 300
Achilles continues to be a highly prioritized god at all levels of play. His versatility is part of his identity, but this shirtless beauty was clearly over performing and leaving little room for player choice. We are decreasing both the Power and Movement Speed from his offensive stance to bring the two stances closer together in strength, especially during the early game.

  • Physical Power Bonus Decreased from 10 + 2 per level to 3 + 2 per level
  • Movement Speed Bonus Decreased from 3% + 0.2 level to 1% + 0.25 per level
Chiron’s training exercise has a very interesting component that very few players actually use. We want to draw more attention toward the unique feature of this ability by changing the timing and duration of the cleanse. These changes will make it much more visibly clear that Chiron is cleansing himself or allies, and it even allows him to cleanse himself if used with impeccable timing. Masterful shot is also seeing a buff to make sure its debuff component makes an impact on tanky characters.

  • Increased duration of CC immunity from an instant cleanse to .3s of immunity.
  • Adjusted the time at which the cleanse triggers from before the setup or pre fire to after the setup or pre fire.

  • Increased Physical Protection Reduction from 3% to 5%

  • Fixed an issue where the apple could visually disappear before hitting a target or reaching max range.
Guan Yu received a substantial buff to his passive in 5.8 which caused him to quickly skyrocket in both performance and popularity. The Saint of War is definitely enjoying his new offensive capabilities, but his healing is causing problems. We will be keeping a close eye on healers in the coming patches as they have a high potential to shift the entire meta. Guan Yu’s overperformance will be the first to be addressed as we decrease his healing to a more reasonable amount.

  • Decreased Boosted Healing from 2x healing to 1.5x healing.
The God of the Yellow RIver has risen to a new level in Season 5. Having a very high damage ability with very low cooldown has allowed him to push lanes faster than anyone else, and deliver unrivaled burst damage. He Bo tends to see a large drop in performance at the highest levels of play so a slight shift is being introduced. His base HP is being increased at the earliest stages in the game, while his HP per level and Water Cannon damage are being nerfed.

  • Increase Base HP from 365 to 400
  • Decrease HP per level from 68 to 67

  • Decreased damage from 90/140/190/240/290 to 70/125/180/235/290

  • Fixed an issue where the tornado that appears on targets afflicted by Whirlwind would appear horizontal.
Kuzenbo had some specific code in place to make sure his ultimate ability felt like a normal SMITE hit pulse area. Unfortunately the design specified time results in a .1s timing window where the hits didn’t match up with the animation of the attack. We are decreasing the hit pulse time to ensure Kuzenbo players will get the full effect from their Ultimate if they keep players in it for the entire duration.

  • Reduced the forgiveness timer time between individual hits from 0.7 to 0.6
    • This was due to a bug where players would most likely not get hit 4 times in his ultimate even if they should have.
Medusa has been seriously underperforming compared to other hunters lately. She brings strong ability damage but usually lacks the true bite of a hunter. To bring her basic attack power up in the game game we are buffing Viper Shot to have even more shots! This should result in Medusa being quite the scary opponent to trade with.

  • Increased Number of Shots from 3 at all ranks to 3/3/3/4/4

  • Fixed an issue where the target hit by this ultimate could move side to side when landing.
When looking at Nike we see a goddess who performs well, but players often described as lacking impact and choice. We want to encourage Nike players to be more aggressive when initiating for their team and giving more choice as to where to use Plan of Action. Sentinel of Zeus will now slow the full amount all the time, allowing Nike to be more flexible with Plan of Action. This allows Nike to initiate immediately with a buffed Valiant Leap rather than needing to save it for the AoE control of Sentinel of Zeus.

  • This ability will slow enemies by 40% whether Plan of Action is active or not.

  • Fixed an issue where Colossal Fury was not getting extended duration for taking damage.


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