Crowfall: Showcase Your Guild


Even at this early stage, guilds are proving to be an important element of Crowfall®. There’s safety in numbers, and the most successful Campaigns will be fought by bands of brothers (and sisters!) who support one another.

We highly encourage new Crows to join one of the growing number of guilds now forming in the Crowfall community. To celebrate the guilds themselves and to help facilitate their recruiting efforts, we’ll soon be launching the Guild Showcase section of our website.

To submit your guild for consideration as a Showcase entry, please send the following to

  • A link to your recruiting thread on the Crowfall forum. (We won’t link to third party sites.)
  • A hi-res guild logo banner: 1200 pixels wide x 900 pixels high, JPG or PNG.
  • Description: 50 to 150 words about your guild.
  • Link to your guild recruiting video on YouTube; minimum 30 seconds, maximum two minutes.
  • Thumbnail image for video, 800 pixels wide x420 pixels high, JPG or PNG.
  • Primary language of the guild.
  • Core time zone.

One email per guild, please, preferably from the guild leader. Submissions must comply with our Terms & Conditions.

In accordance with our Fair Use Policy, you may include images and video from Crowfall, but not any material such as images, video or music that are under copyright protection from a source other than ArtCraft Entertainment.

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