Project Gorgon Brings Out Catalog…

Project Gorgon Brings Out Catalog Golems To Help Search Player Shops

Catalog Golems

You can now find Catalog Golems in the hall of player-run shops in Serbule Keep! These adorable little constructs will be happy to search the player vendors for specific items on your behalf, and let you know which shops have what you need.

The golems can’t tell you how much the price is, and they don’t deliver the goods, but they also don’t demand tips. So stop by and take advantage of this free service today!

Augment-Installation Services

Some NPCs can now install Augments for you! By using one of these NPCs, you do not need to have learned the various Augment Installation recipes from Nightshade. Learning Nightshade’s recipes will eventually be a cost-savings for max-level players who do a lot of augment-installing, but at the current max level of 70, most players will find it cheaper to just use these NPCs.

The following NPCs can install Augments for you:

  • Joeh in Serbule can install level 0-20 Augments for 50 Councils.
  • Kalaba in Eltibule can install level 21-40 Augments for 250 Councils.
  • Urzab in Amulna can install level 41-60 Augments for 650 Councils.
  • Rick Snapley in Gazluk can install level 61-80 Augments for 1000 Councils.
  • Torgan in Gazluk can install level 61-80 Augments for 900 Councils. You must know Orcish.
  • Preta in Sun Vale can install level 0-50 Augments for 350 Councils. You must be Close Friends or better.
  • Tyler Green in Serbule Hills can install level 0-25 Augments for free. You must be Friends or better.
  • Amutasa in Rahu can install level 0-70 Augments for 650 Councils. You must be Friends or better.
  • Nightshade in Kur can install level 0-100 Augments for 2000 Councils.


Skill Changes

These changes are a continuation of our DoT (Damage-over-Time) ability revamps. We are now mostly finished with the conversion, except for a few DoTs with special behavior that can’t be converted. Those handful of unique DoTs will use the older system for the foreseeable future. (And of course we may have missed some or made mistakes!)


  • Treasure: Mangling Shot deals 330 Trauma damage over 10 seconds => 462 Trauma damage over 12 seconds
  • Ability: Fire Arrow deals damage over 15 seconds => same damage but over 10 seconds


  • Ability: Fiery Bolt 6: Deals 468 damage, plus 230 damage over 20 seconds => 418 damage, plus 288 damage over 12 seconds


  • Treasure: Cloud Sight covers the target in insects that deal 170 Nature damage over 15 seconds => 252 Nature damage over 12 seconds
  • Fixed bug that caused Heart Thorn and Poisoned Thorns DOTs to deal 5 more damage per tick than listed.
  • Treasure: Rotskin deals 190 Trauma damage to health over 15 seconds => 282 damage over 12 seconds
  • Treasure: Toxinball deals 114 Poison damage over 12 seconds => 186 over 12 seconds. Also note: this treasure effect was bugged and previously didn’t work at all. Now it works.

Giant Bat

  • Treasure: Virulent Bite deals 115 trauma damage over 10 seconds => 222 Trauma over 12 seconds
  • Treasure: Virulent Bite has a 50% chance to deal +76% damage plus 120 trauma damage over 10 seconds => This effect has been overhauled. It is now: “Virulent Bite deals 192 Trauma damage over 12 seconds and also has a 25% chance to deal +76% direct Piercing damage”


  • Treasure: Latent Charge deals +200 Electricity damage after an 8 second delay => 240 after an 8 second delay. Also note: this treasure effect was bugged and actually took 15 seconds to activate, not 8 as intended. This is fixed.


  • Ability: Sanguine Fangs 6: Deals 120 damage over 8 seconds => 140 over 8 seconds
  • Treasure: Sanguine Fangs deals +144 Trauma damage over 8 seconds => 224 over 8 seconds
  • Treasure: All Werewolf attacks have a 31% chance to deal 48 Trauma damage over 8 seconds => 64 damage over 8 seconds
  • Treasure: Sanguine Fangs suddenly deals 240 damage after a 15 second delay => 280 damage after a 12-second delay


  • Treasure: Grappling Web deals 224 Poison damage over 12 seconds => 300 over 12 seconds


  • Various meditation combos that dealt DoT (damage-over-time) damage have been adjusted to new DoT balance.
  • Various monsters with DoT (damage-over-time) attacks have been adjusted to new DoT balance.


Other Changes and Fixes
  • Fixed bugs with Skill tree UI not retaining state.
  • The item-tooltip for Augments now lists the skill level requirement of the augment.
  • Augment-Installation recipes no longer have an extra-ingredient cost (e.g. fish scales, fire dust, etc.).
  • When extracting an Augment from an item, you can now extract generic (non-skill-specific) powers by using any of the “desert gems”: Turquoise, Sapphire, Emerald, Morganite, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, Opal, Goshenite, Danburite, and Ruby. Previously these gems did nothing when used with extraction, so for now they are all assigned to generic-augment extraction. Eventually some of these gems will be needed for other things, though. So just to make it official, Sunstones and Goshenites are the permanent generic-augment-extraction gems. Some of the others may be reassigned to do other things in the relatively-distant future — 3+ months from now.
  • Adding augments to items no longer affects how much phlogiston or other resources are obtained when decomposing or distilling the item.
  • Using Shamanic Infusion on an item now adds a Shamanic Infusion requirement equal to the level of the recipe. (Previously all infusions accidentally installed a requirement of Shamanic Infusion level 1, even for max-level infusions.) This fix does not affect existing items… UNTIL those items are used in transmutation. Transmutation (and a few other crafting processes) automatically recalculate the item’s wield-requirements, and this can cause the correct Shamanic Infusion requirement to appear.
  • Fixed Fire Shield Potions and Acid Shield Potions so that their reflection does not stack if you drink multiple potions.
  • Fixed ingredient errors in crafted Priest Staff recipes.
  • Fixed rounding and calculation problems that caused a number of converted DOT effects (from the last update) to deal 1 or 2 more damage per tick than intended (and more than the tooltip said it would deal).
  • Enchantments that boosted movement-speed attributes by a fractional amount were displayed as adding a whole number. For instance, items that add +0.5 to Sprint Speed would say they added “Sprint Speed +0”. (This was only a display bug.)
  • Fixed invalid locations where monsters could spawn, notably under Marna’s shop in Serbule.
  • Additional texture memory optimizations.
  • Removed yellowish hue to the specular layer of Elvish Armor. (This will affect how the armor looks when dyed. It should look closer to the dye color, and less yellow. Unless you dyed it yellow, in which case… who knows.)
  • Fixed texture error with female dwarf NPCs that made their faces look extra wrinkled and weird.
  • The 3rd-party tools JSON for treasure mods now includes the minimum level-requirement for each tier of each treasure mod.
  • Added a bit more documentation for the 3rd-party tools files.


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