GW2 Roller Beetle Mount Unlock and…

GW2 Roller Beetle Mount Unlock and Collections Guide

GW2 Roller Beetle Mount unlock and collections guide.

The Roller Beetle is the 6th mount in GW2 you can acquire by simply doing the collection and achievements associated with Season 4 Episode 3 of Living World. There is no gold sink other than 3 collections you have to do that can take a few hours to complete. It is a fast mount, capable of traversing over terrain in a short amount of time by using the boost (spacebar).


Getting Started

Completing Forearmed is Forewarned story instance

You must have completed thie Forearmed is Forewarned story instance to unlock the High Roller achievement that allow you to talk to Gorrik at Domain of Kourna. After that, talk to the Sunspear to start the Tactical Triage step of the story and make sure you don’t wander around the map and trigger other events. Go straight to Gorrik.

Find Gorrik

He is just north of Allied Encampement waypoint. This will complete the High Roller achievement and unlock the Bettle Juice achievement.


Beetle Juice Collection

Gorrik will ask you to complete the Beetle Juice collection next. You will need to collect 9 Secret Stashes.



1. Unlabeled Bottle of Bubbling Liquid


2. Dragon Protein


3, Completely Legal Performance Enhancing Serum


4. Flask of Churning Liquid


5. 210 Proof Rotgut


6. Calcified Megalodon Fin


7. Bottle of Dark Smoke


8. Lightning in a Bottle


9. Untested Speed Serum


10. Return to Gorrik


Beetle Saddle Collection


1. Inquest Beetle Notes

Dropped by Awakened Inquest at Domain of Kourna. Don’t worry about this right now as you will kill plenty of Inquest on your way to get #2.

2. Inquest Power Schematics

Search the Inquest Lab equipment near Dabiji Hollows. Interact with one of the Lab Terminals on the top floor of the lab inside Dabiji Hollows.


3. Shadow Creator’s Seal

Collect a bounty in the Domain of Kourna. Bounty board is in the Allied Encampment area.


4. Steam Power Coupling

Harvested from steam creatures. Kill Steam creatures by Lamentation Waypoint in Lornar’s Pass.


5. Plagued Struts

Dropped by golems in the Domain of Kourna. There is a single Veteran Mark II golem that spawns right in front of the Gates to Gandara.


6. Anomaly Spark

Collected from a Legendary Ley-Line Anomy in its final moments

  • You will need to do the Ley-Line Anomaly current event that spawns at xx:20 and occurs every 2 hours.
  • Use a Ley-Infused Lodestone to see which map it will spawn on

7. Mk II Power Inverter

Defeat the Mark II Golem (world boss) in Mount Maelstrom

8 & 9. Return to Blish

Talk to Blish who is next to Gorrik and then talk to the Beetle to complete the collection.

Beetle Feed Collection


1. Live Plague Scarab

Contain Scarab outbreaks in Domain of Kourna. These event occurs near the Front Line area. It is an event where you use your mount to run over Scarab mounds.


2. Plague Scarab Egg

Smash plague experiments in the Moon Fortress. This is the last step of Containing the Scarab Plague meta event in Kourna. Do the meta event and proceed all the way into the Moon Fortress. You will defeat the big golem boss and then have to destroy 11 of the Plague Experiments. Killing any one of these experiments will give you the item.


3. Junundu Ichor

Drops from junundu wurms in the Crystal Desert. You can find Junundu wurms in the sulfur area of The Desolation. Fighting them can be a bit annoying due to the damage from the ground but there are rocks you can stand on and range them.


4. Hearty Beetle Slime

Harvested from the Alpha Beetle in the Far Silverwastes. To get to Far Silverwastes, take these Skritt tunnels. Alpha Beetle spawns in the left corner of the Far Silverwastes.


5. Desert Luciferin

Purchased from the heket in the Domain of Kourna. You need to complete the heart and then purchase it for 50 Inscribed Shards, the currency for this map. Kourna caches on the map will give you 1 each, each heart vendor will give you 5x per day and then you can get some for doing the meta.


6. Frigid Wurm Goo

Harvest from cave wurms in the Domain of Kourna. To find Cave Wurms, you will need to go deep undernearth Ntouka Pond. There is a sand portal you can enter with your jackal at the arrow location on the map. This will take you to the pond. Once inside, swim down towards the Deeprift Brood POI and you will see some wurms along the way you can kill.


7. Toxic Spider Yolk

Harvested from the toxic spider queen in Kessex Hills.Do the Toxic Spider Queen event by Earthlord’s Gap.


8. Return to Petey

Petey is right by Gorrick. Congrats on your new Roller Beetle mount!

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