Bless Online v1.3.0.0 Patch Note

Bless Online v1.3.0.0 update

[New Contents: Basel Gorge]
  1. Added ‘Basel Gorge’
    – Basel Gorge will allow players to get rewards by battling against other factions in a PvP setting, fighting powerful monsters, and doing daily quests.
    – Basel Gorge entrance: Hieron – Iron Hawk Camp / Union – Dragon Cry Camp
    – Appropriate level for joining Basel Gorge: Level 45
    – Main Bosses:

    Boss Name
    Respawn Time / Quantity
    Final Boss
    Spider Queen Akasys
    60 mins / 1
    Mid Boss
    Ensanguined Ursuta, Giant Malefic Blob
    20 mins / 1
    Regular Boss
    Murderous Rover Sykeeli, Sak the Hobgoblin’s Friend
    5 mins
    / 2 Sykeeli,
    3 Sak

* The final and mid boss will respawn in a random location, while the regular bosses will each respawn in a different location at the same time.

– Main Rewards:

  • Players will be able to obtain Combat Points and Enhancement Materials (Crystallized Magical Power), Upper Armor Enhancement Sub-materials (Contorted Scale of the Beyond), and Accessory Craft Materials (Wind Binding Set Pieces) at a fixed probability when battling boss monsters.
  • Players will be able to craft the new Heroic Wind Binding level 45 items below, which can be crafted by using the Accessory Craft Materials obtainable in Basel Gorge:

– Known Issue: The Energy related set effects of the Basel Gorge rewards increase the sprinting ability, but they were not what we intended to add. We plan to replace the Energy related effects along with other effects with the next patch.

– Information on Basel Gorge Objects (Dimensional Teleporter, Flag, Shield of Balance):

  • Players will be able to go to their desired location by using the Dimensional Teleporters located on the Basel Gorge road.
  • Hieron, Union, and neutral flags can be found at designated locations. If either flag is captured, the “Valley Conqueror” effect will be applied to all allies in Basel Gorge.
    (Valley Conqueror: Movement Speed increased by 7% and Combat Point gain increased by 50%)
  • The captured flag will spawn again after twenty minutes and the “Valley Conqueror” effect will disappear if the opposite faction captures the flag.
  • The “Shield of Balance” effect will be applied to the outnumbered faction. (Shield of Balance: 5% – 25% reduction to received damage depending on the number of players)
  • “Peace Pledge” and “Peace Declaration” cannot be used in Basel Gorge.


[Additional Contents: Royal Quests]
  1. Added “Royal Quests”.
    – Required Level: Level 45
    – How to accept and do the quests:
  • Players can accept the quests through a local NPC.
  • Players can do up to 15 quests per day, although they can’t be abandoned or cancelled.
  • Royal Quests are classified into the following according to the area: Disputed Zone, Protected Zone, and Enemy Zone.

– Disputed Zone: Migdal, Holyland Curia, Southern Peninsula, Saltus, Cornus Valley, Cornus Mountains, Wyvern Valley.
– Union Territory: Navarra City, Campagna, Terny City, Spezia.
– Hieron Territory: Kingdom of Floren, Ostium, Marta City, Hieracon.

* Royal Quest NPC locations:

Hands of Judgement Camp
Migdal Commercial District
Golden Key Expedition Camp
Fortress of Wilderness
Holy Curia
Pilgrim Beach
Wyvern’s Landing
South Coast Docks
Holden Fort
Marita Sorda
Imperial Vanguard Camp
Herbati Refugee Camp
Urutus Fortress
Herbati Settlements
Imperial Encampment
Herbati Reinforcement Camp
Lonely Cliff Camp
Lizard Rock Camp
Southern Gateway
Gate Fortress
Capital of Floren
Lardall Forward Base
Raben Village
Rosso’s Mansion
Ostium Stores
Campagna City Square
Marta City
Navarra City Square
Hieracon Plaza
Spezia Small Plaza

– Main Rewards:

  • Players can additionally obtain “Jewel Fragments” depending on the total number of completed Royal Quests. A “Royal Box” can also be obtained each time the player completes 5, 10 or 15 Royal Quests in a day.


[Other Features]
  1. Added the ‘Lumena Transfer System’ convenience function.

– Lumena transfers are now possible by clicking on the Lumena Transfer System icon in the System Menu.
– Lumenas can be sent to a character either in the same server or a different server.
– The character transferring the Lumenas must be at least Level 15 (The Lumena Transfer System will be locked to characters under Level 15).
– The character receiving the Lumenas must be at least Level 5 (Characters under Level 5 won’t appear on the list).
– Added 40 new Guild Emblems and 10 new backgrounds.

[Fixed Contents]:
  1. Modified the Market’s policy:
    Market’s maximum registration price
    Temporarily applied conditions between +25% and +50% due to the halt in standard price changes
    Maintain +25% compared to the standard price
    Market’s minimum registration price
    Maintain -25% compared to the standard price
    133% of the store’s selling price
    Standard price renewal cycle
    12 hours
    24 hours
  2. Changed previously modified skill balance associated with some weapons’ special option effects.
    Guardian’s Faith
    Reduces Bravery consumption by 2 (Cannot be stacked)
    Increases Bravery by 1 when used (Cannot be stacked)
    Dodge Movement (Ranger)
    Reduces Concentration consumption by 50% (Cannot be stacked)
    Increases Concentration by 30 when used (Cannot be stacked)
    Reduces Mana consumption by 50% Cannot be stacked)
    Increases Mana recovery by 30% when used (Cannot be stacked)
    Dodge Movement (Berserker)
    Reduces Anger consumption by 50% (Cannot be stacked)
    Increases Anger by 20 when used (Cannot be stacked)
    Reduces Mana consumption by 50% (Cannot be stacked)
    Increases Mana recovery by 10% when used (Cannot be stacked)
  3. Changed the number of times players can enter the following three dungeons: Migra Turis [Normal], Patala Ruins [Normal], Urutus Mine [Elite].
    – Players with premium membership were able to get an additional run for these three dungeons, and we removed the wrong benefit that was applied.
    – Changed the number of entries for the three dungeons so all players can enter these dungeons twice per day.
  4. Players will now obtain a “Health Potion” instead of an “Energy Recovery Potion” upon completing the “Obtain Gathering Materials” daily mission.
  5. Added the following reward when defeating the final boss “Dirkrook” in the Kobold Hideout dungeon.
    – Grudge Soul Extract (Armorsmithing Material), Figure: Dirkrook, Gold Ore.


[Bug Fixes:]

I. Skills

  1. [Mage] Fixed an issue where the cooldown time for some skills wouldn’t reset when switching from an elemental hybrid tactic to another tactic.
    * Related Skill: Standby Tactic – Thunderbolt, Frost Tactic – Biting Cold.
  2. [Paladin] Fixed an issue where the dead body disappears if a character resurrects near a Paladin with the Resurrection skill.
  3. [Paladin] Fixed an issue where the skill bottom shortcut window blinks when a Paladin characters enters the server for the first time.

II. Items

  1. Fixed an issue where a female Pantera character’s neck would appear abnormally after wearing certain clothes and sitting.
  2. Fixed an issue where the tooltip related to the special option [Endure: Dispassion] of a Paladin’s weapon would appear abnormally.
  3. Removed the Mystic armor recipes that could be obtained as a dropped item from the treasure chests found in the field.
  4. Removed the Mystic weapon that was dropped after defeating a boss in the Urutus Mine (Elite) dungeon.
  5. Fixed an issue where the hair in the back of the head of a male Mascu’s character would appear abnormally when equipping the “Blue Rose Masquerade’s Headdress”.
  6. Fixed an issue where it was possible to repurchase a Skill Reset Token (only purchasable once per week) by moving to the Lobby then entering the world.
  7. Fixed an issue where the time restriction applied when purchasing a Skill Reset Token wouldn’t reset on a weekly basis.
  8. Changed “Strong Repair Kit” to “Max Durability Repair Tool” and modified the tooltip’s contents in order to better describe the item’s features.
  9. Fixed an issue where the icon for the “Popochita Lucky Coin: 50 Gold” item would be abnormally displayed.

III. Battle

  1. Fixed an issue where it was possible to jump over a barrier before the start of a match in the Peninsular War.
  2. Fixed an issue where a neutral Imperial Castle guard would attack the player who attacked first while in battle with another player (in an area with neutral Imperial Castle guards).

IV. Quests

  1. Fixed an issue where it was possible to obtain an unusable quest item through the Corpse of Red Masks’ Man when doing the “Spiritual Account” story quest.
  2. Fixed an issue where it was only possible to obtain a quest item after defeating a “Ruins Horned Lizard” in some areas when doing “The Wailing Specter” story quest (even though this monster can be found in other places).
  3. Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to accept the “Second Attack Launch” quest after completing the “Averardo and Navarra” quest.
  4. Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to destroy the Trial Craft Materials obtained as a first reward when doing the Main Crafting episode quest. Reentry is now possible through an NPC.
    – Target Items: Trial Spell Concentration Stone, Trial Iron Ore, Trial Silver Ore, Trial Stone
  5. Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to continue doing the “Defend the Front Line” main quest if the monster’s dead body disappeared before looting the item needed for said quest.
    – The NPC will now respawn and the quest will appear as “Failed” if the player dies, logs out or leaves a specific area.
  6. Fixed an issue where the Hieron “[Set] Immortal Armor Design” quest couldn’t be accepted.
  7. Changed the objective for the “Enhance your companion” quest.
  8. Changed the name of the Enhancement item from “Novice Brown Horse” to “Enhancement Trial Novice Brown Horse”.

V. Mount

  1. Fixed an issue where the mount would move with an increased Movement Speed even after the Speed skill’s effect is over when the mount’s level increases while using the Speed skill.
  2. Fixed an issue where the mount wouldn’t jump while moving by using the mouse or Auto Run even when after pressing the space bar.
  3. Fixed an issue where the mount would stop moving when trying to move the left or right while riding.

VI. UI / Customization

  1. Fixed an issue where the Skill UI would disappear if the character moves to a new location when launching the game on full screen mode and on a 3840×2160 resolution or on maximized window mode.
  2. Fixed an issue where the 3840×2160 resolution option wouldn’t appear among the in-game resolution options.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Party Effect window wouldn’t disappear at the end of the Peninsular War while talking to an NPC.
  4. Fixed an issue where the screen settings menu would be disabled in Maximized Window Mode. Players are now able to change the resolution settings after changing the mode.
  5. Fixed an issue where the preview icon for preset number 2 for a Union male human character would appear differently to the actual customization.
  6. Fixed an issue where the top of the head of a female Mascu character would appear abnormally when sitting if hair style number 28 was selected.
  7. Fixed an issue where the terms related to the Health Point Recovery speed aren’t correctly displayed in the Tactic window.

VII. Localization

  1. Fixed an issue where the dungeon Armor Set’s tooltip options would be abnormally displayed.
  2. Created different terms for different items that were both referred to as “meat”.
    – Target Items: Meat, Beast Meat
  3. Fixed some phrases that were displayed abnormally in the UI window.
    Changed the name of the “Red Ear Hobgoblins’ Citadel” to “Hobgoblin Fortress”.
  4. Fixed some awkward translations and phrases.
  5. Unified the name of some skills to avoid confusion.
  6. Changed the “Naga Warrior Haga” quest objective’s contents in order to make the objective clearer.
  1. The Level Up and Mission Completion events that started on May 28th have ended.
  2. The Dungeon Exploration Event will run from July 4th until July 18th. Players can obtain special rewards when defeating the boss in the Patala Ruins and Migra Turis Normal dungeons. [More information through the following link:


The content in this patch note is subject to change during maintenance. The patch note will be updated in case of any changes.

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