Skyforge Revamps Pvp With The…

Skyforge Revamps Pvp With The Gods At War Update

Skyforge Updates

Starting June 21st you will find all patch notes for Skyforge listed here. Want to read up what had changed in the past? Just visit this page again!

HideJuly 11th

Pantheon War

  • The Grovewalker is now able to be selected as a statue for the Pantheon Wars.

PVP System

“We have made a lot of changes to PVP in Skyforge!

  • The Small Battles, Massive Battles and Golem Battles now give a battle rating and you can start your climb on the PVP ladder.
  • Your rating can be found in-game in the “Community Tab”. In this interface you will find all the information you need regarding your rating and are also able to spectate “Small Battles”.
  • PVP Scaling
  • To enhance the ability to compete between characters at different stages of progress, in the PvP modes that have a rating, there will be a pre-set amount of the main characteristics for characters. Disabled are bonuses of divinity, the divine form itself, the ability to use combat vehicles and the combat abilities of non-combat transports.

Previously all stats would scale in PVP. Now your gear matters to some degree. This list shows what items will be counted for the scaling.

  • Weapon and Artifact abilities are counted in PVP, but the stats on the weapons and artifacts are do not count.
    • The Key and Secondary stats from Jewelry and Gems that are scaled in PVP are: Main Damage, Crit Damage, Companion Damage and Max Health. Crit chance, Companion’s cooldown, Main damage bonus, etc. are not scaled.
    • The Symbols are usable in PVP.
    • Stat boosts from all Halls of the Gods and Elder Gods are not counted.”

PVP Stat

  • A new stat, that only works in rated PVP, called “Honor” has been added to the game.
  • Honor increases your HP and Damage in PVP. There is a cap of how much Honor you can obtain have on your character per season. It’s 35% for HP and 20% for Damage bonuses.
  • The minimum and maximum Honor is changing from season to season, but there is a set maximum amount of efficiency. To maintain the maximum boost, you need to make sure you have the max amount of Honor on your gear.
  • Honor can be added to the jewelry and stones of power in the “Item Upgrades” menu, with the help of Sparks of Morale that you can obtain for playing PvP.


  • The amount of Credits that can be obtained for rated PVP adventures. In addition, you can now also obtain operation tokens from PVP.

Happy hour

Every day from 14:00 to 15:00, from 17:00 to 18:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00 (server time) Happy Hours will be active for PVP! When happy hours are active, in addition to the usual rewards one of the modes will give extra Knowledge of Enemies and a “Battle Reward”:

The “Battle Reward” may contain:

  • Temporary legendary weapons
  • Temporary legendary artifacts
  • 1-3 “Sparks of Morale”
  • Epic or Legendary gear

On Saturday and Sundays, the additional Happy Hour reward is added to all ranked PVP modes.

Restrictions for inactivity in PVP has been updated. Now players who are not active during a battle will not receive a reward.


  • Fixed a bug where the “Battering Ram” ability did not restore stamina when you hit a target during your charge.


Fixed a bug that gave you one second less time to activate your “Creeping Horror” proc for your “Predatory Ectoplasm” ability, which caused you not to be able to summon the full amount of slimes.


  • Fixed a bug that caused you to dismount from the prototype mounts from the Tower of Knowledge when using the “Solar Prism” execute ability.
  • Fixed a bug where some people could not remove additional Halo’s from the Oceanid invasion.
  • Fixed a bug with the visuals of the “Numerator’s Halo”.
  • Added some missing cards from the promos to the Hall of Trophies.
  • Separated the costumes “Space Suit” and “Pantheon’s Triumph” in the style room.
  • The tooltip of the Grovewalker Legendary Weapon “Thyrsus of Abundance” has been updated. It now displays the “Block” bonus correctly.
  • The name of the costume given for completing the nodes in the Paladin Temple has been corrected. Now the costume for the female character is called “Traveler Robe” instead of “Sage Robe”.
  • After applying a divine ability, you will now automatically switch to the class panel. You no longer have to click ALT a second time.

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