Worlds Adrift Updates Players On Progress…

Worlds Adrift Updates Players On Progress In The Midst Of A Heat Wave

Greetings Travellers,

Hope all is well in your lives and games!

We’ve had a bit of a hectic week, if you follow the Bossa Studios twitter account, you’d have seen some of us were at Develop, the rest of us were trying to survive the heat of London.

For those of you not living UK – London is a big, busy, beautiful city absolutely not equipped to handle any kind of weather! So in a heatwave we kinda melt, so not much happens around that. No drama or anything.

So, what have the devs been up to this week?

  • Scoping out the new creature refactor! Looking likely that turrets will be the first ‘creature’ to be implemented, but there’s a long way to go yet as we need to refactor the Unity entity lifecycle, transform synchronisation, rigidbody synchronisation, damage and hitscan projectile firing first
  • Been helping out to get the alliance and crew chat working on the new server
  • Feature complete on loot accumulation over time, additionally all chests and containers will be permanently visible on islands but will be closed if they contain loot. Should be ready for 0.2.4
  • Balancing reviver charge ship damage, aiming for 0.2.4
  • Creatures now drop more resources such as leather and meat, depending on their biome. Will be used in new schematics as well as adjusting old ones to make use of new resources. Looking at 0.2.5+ for that.
  • Balancing new wind system, wind shouldn’t just randomly change direction and flow a bit smoother so sailing can be more predictable. 0.2.4
  • Working on Tier Zero documentation and starting implementation of related features
  • Fixes for build pipeline
  • Bugfixing alliances
  • Making our UI error handling a bit more verbose
  • Working on UI mockups for improved user experience and nicer visuals
  • Added different sfx to loot chest, loot contains, ruin piles and death bags
  • Made a change to the ship yard ownership, so when an unregistered ship dock to a ship yard, no matter who owns the ship yard, it would clear the ownership of the ship yard. Players can then claim the ship yard to take control of the ship
  • Made a potential fix to deathbag not interactable bug
  • Fixed the bug where blight doesn’t end properly
  • Working on login refactor TDD
  • I’ve been working on the last few bits of the t0 overall design, working through some details etc.
  • Working through the island curation backlog so our list of usable islands is getting bigger and better
  • Investigating dead zone issues with Improbable (believe we are now making some progress towards resolving some of those issues)
  • Investigating crew beacon and crew chat issues
  • Tackling bugs relates with Delta DNA analytics
  • Helping the n00bs git gud! (aka Tier 0, worked with Allan to finish the TDD, deal with feedback, make a task estimate, and started some work on splitting the world in two separate areas)
  • Finished the design for Overheat Implementation in both Engines and Cannons! Handing off next week to programmers


As always, see you in the skies,


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