GW2 Aspect Arena Cutthroat Politics guide

Return guide This post is from 2014  but its start agian On July 24 2018 have fun all. 

A guide to the GW2 Aspect Arena introduced with the Cutthroat Politics patch.

How to AccessTalk to Ellen Kiel to start the Aspect Arena activity.


BasicsRun through Aspect gates at the start to select a Sun, Wind or Lightning skill set. You can switch up to another skill set during the game by running back to the gates.

    • Sun: Short range attacks with a powerful pull.
    • Wind: High movement based skill sets with a powerful knockback and invulnerability.
    • Lightning: Heavy close range attacks that focus on stunning enemies.
  • Return crystals to charge your conduits at your base and earn points.
  • Once timer is up, the team with the highest score wins.
  • Each game lasts for 5 minutes.
  • There is a rare chance for the Zephyr Rucksack to drop from this minigame.
  • Look for painting on the wall that corresponds to a specific (Sun, Lightning, Wind) skill as they will open up secret passages/shortcuts.


Icon Name Description Recharge
gw2-lightning-strike-aspect-arena Lightning Strike
  • Blast your foe with lightning
  • 190 range
gw2-electromagnetic-pulse-aspect-arena Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Release a massive blast of electromagnetic energy, disabling nearby foes.
  • Damage 25
  • Daze 2 seconds.
gw2-energy-shield-aspect-arena Energy Shield
  • Counter the next attack with a stun.
  • Duration 4 seconds.
gw2-electrical-storm-aspect-arena Electrical Storm
  • Create a lightning storm. Foes cannot cross the threshold of the storm.
  • Damage per pulse: 2.
  • Duration 5 seconds
  • Radius: 240
  • Range: 1200
gw2-lightning-tether-aspect-arena Lightning Tether
  • Use Lightning to pull yourself to the target location
  • Range: 900


Icon Name Description Recharge
gw2-sun-beam-aspect-arena Sun Beam
  • Shoot a beam of light at your foe. Heal allies it passes through. Damage increases the closer you are to your foe.
  • Damage if range less than 300: 8
  • Damage if range is greater than 900: 2
  • Heal: 2
  • Range 1200
gw2-sun-burst-aspect-arena Sun Burst
  • Release a burst of sunlight that blinds nearby enemies.
  • Damage: 5
  • Blindness: 5s
  • Range: 300
gw2-bastion-aspect-arena Bastion
  • Create a bastion at your target location, damaging enemies and assisting allies.
  • Damage per pulse: 2
  • Duration: 5s
  • Stability: 5s
  • Radius: 240
  • Range: 1200
gw2-unstable-nova-aspect-arena Unstable Nova
  • Release a small star that damage any foes it hits and that can collapse into a black hole
  • Damage: 10
  • Damage per pulse: 1
  • Radius: 480
  • Range 1200
gw2-speed-of-light-aspect-arena Speed of Light
  • Dash Forward at the speed of light


Icon Name Description Recharge
gw2-wind-slash-aspect-arena Wind Slash
  • Throw a blade of air that returns to you, slowing enemies it hits
  • Damage: 1
  • Range: 900
gw2-tornado-strike-aspect-arena Tornado Strike
  • Create a tornado that knocks back foes
  • Damage: 5
  • Knockback: 400
  • Range: 1200
gw2-like-the-wind-aspect-arena Like the Wind
  • Become like the wind-unstoppable and uncatchable
  • Duration: 3s
  • Breaks stun
gw2-wind-sphere-aspect-arena Wind Sphere
  • Throw a bouncing sphere of wind at your target. Hit the sphere a second time to deal massive damage.
  • Damage: 10
  • Damage: 10
  • Range: 900
gw2-assisted-leap-aspect-arena Assisted Leap
  • Use the aspect of wind to leap extremely high

Map & CrystalsThere are about 5-6 possible locations for the crystals to spawn. You will to look at your map to determine their exact spawn locations. The ones in the middle tend to be a bit easier to reach and therefore hotly contested while ones on the two sides are more higher up on top of buildings.


Once you reach a crystal, you can activate and channel for a few seconds to grab the crystal. While you are channeling, you can be interrupt by your opponents. Once you have the crystal, your position will be marked on the map as a crystal carrier. Your movement speed will be significantly reduced but you can still use all of your abilities to fend off attackers.


Throughout the map are markings on the walls that reveal shortcuts only for players that use the specific skill set. On the left for example is a shortcut marking for users of the Sun skills. On the right is a marking for users of the Wind skills. Players with the corresponding skill can use their #5 skill to activate the shortcut.


AchievementsAspect Arena is hosted by Ellen Kiel so you will earn achievements in her category.

Aspect Arena Frequenter (5 pts)

  • Play 15 games of Aspect Arena.
Tier Amount Points
1 1 1
2 5 1
3 10 1
4 15 2

Aspect Arena: Crystal Capper (5 pts)

  • Capture 10 crystals for your team in Aspect Arena
Tier Amount Points
1 1 1
2 3 1
3 6 1
4 10 2

Aspect Arena: Crystal Breaker (10 pts)

  • Defeat 15 Crystal Bearers in Aspect Arena
Tier Amount Points
1 1 1
2 2
3 2
4 15 5

Aspect Arena Regular (0 pts)

  • Play 12 rounds of Aspect Arena
  • You get a loot bag containing 1 rare


Winning team get a splendid chest containing

  • Bag of Coins (couple silvers)
  • 2 Support Tokens
  • Sip of Liquid Karma (1040 karma)
  • Random green/blue item (maybe rares if you lucky)

Losing team get  anormal chest containing

  • Bag of Coins (couple silvers)
  • 1 Support Token
  • Thimble of Liquid Karma (728 karma)
  • Random green/blue item

If you are lucky, you have a chance to get the rare Zephyr Rucksack which has an animated bird.


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