Jurassic World Evolution: Unlocking Skins…

Jurassic World Evolution: Unlocking Skins For Jeep In Jurassic World Evolution

This chapter will allow you to quickly unlock Jeep skins in Jurassic World Evolution. Unlocking skins focuses on playing with terrain (Landscaping tab) and unlocking some achievements.

2018 Jeep skin (red) can be unlocked, unlocking the achievement of maximum Jeep speed for 5 seconds. Just get off the hill and you will unlock the skin (Isla Muerta island has a nice downhill, you don’t even have to use the Landscaping tab).

1993 Jeep skin can be unlocked, unlocking the achievement of being 5 seconds in the air using the Jeep. To do this, form a few holes and hills and ride around them. This should be enough to get 5 seconds in the air (within a 20-seconds interval).

2018 Jeep skin (blue) – getting it depends on drifting for 3 seconds. You can do this by using a handbrake (default space) and drift all the time. You can also accelerate to the maximum speed and use handbrake. It’s very easy to achieve.

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