Vampyr: Character development in Vampyr

In this chapter of the Vampyr Game Guide you will read about Jonathan’s development. We present the key issues related to gaining experience and developing skills.

How to get experience?

  • To develop a character, you need to gain experience points. The game gives you a lot of experience for making the main storyline mission and sucking blood. Playing a bloodsucker is particularly lucrative – an absorbed character can give you up to 5,000 experiences at once!
  • Fighting, guiding, finding and resolving investigations also adds experience, although you get far less experience. However, if you plan to play with a vampire who does not attack others, then you need to make up for some of the experience in this way.
  • To allocate experience points to the acquisition of new skills, you must go to the safehouse and lie down to bed. You will then open a window with the available skills. Keep in mind, however, that sleep will cause time to pass in the game world and bring some changes.

Skills for a good start

  • You can develop the active and passive skills of your hero. Active skills are divided into several categories: Defensive, Aggressive, Tactical and Ultimate. Here you will mainly find offensive skills.
  • Passive skills are divided into: Body, Blood, Bite and Science categories. Here, you are dealing with typical character-enhancing skills. You can develop your health, endurance, amount of blood sucked and so on.
  • With each level, the cost of the skill is increased and more experience is absorbed. It is therefore good to develop all the skills used in the early stages of the game quite evenly.

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