Vampyr: Unlocking safehouses in Vampyr

This section provides a collection of the most important information related to unlocking safehouses and hiding spots in Vampyr.


  • Hiding places are places where you can rest, develop your character and start crafting.
  • When you are sleeping in the hiding place, the time progresses in the game – residents are sick, a new assortment will appear in shops, and there are other events taking place.
  • To unlock a safehouse, you need to enter it – they are scattered quite densely. Often you have to jump to the balcony above, or enter from the side of an abandoned building.
  • Unfortunately, in the game there is no possibility to travel quickly between the unlocked hiding places.
  • Most of the hiding places have a hideaway in one of the rooms, so if you want to complete the knowledge compendium, you have to unlock all safehouses in the game.
  • The most frequently visited safehouse will be Jonathan’s office at the Pembroke Hospital. You will find the hiding place on the first floor – you can also quickly move to its balcony when you are standing outside the building.


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