Jurassic World Evolution: How To Take Care Of…

Jurassic World Evolution: How To Take Care Of Dinosaurs In Jurassic World Evolution?

This section will allow you to learn how to take care of dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution. Thanks to this, your dinosaurs will feel comfortable and will not bite tourists.

Keeping the comfort of the dinosaurs is very important  neglecting this parameter can lead to increased dinosaur dissatisfaction and attempts to escape from the catwalk (e.g. by destroying the fence). And this poses a threat to tourists – dinosaurs, even herbivores, can attack them.

To keep comfort of dinosaurs at a high level, first of all you need to provide adequate feeders with food – sufficient amount of different flora and space. In terms of food for herbivores, there is not much philosophy, only bushes for smaller and medium herbivores and high shoots for larger ones. For meat-eaters, there will be feeders with meat and a feeder with a goat – a live bait. Often, carnivores prefer to hunt rather than eat from a meat feeder. Remember that some of the carnivores don’t tolerate each other (e.g., Indominus Rex will chase and torment Velociraptors), which may mean that some dinosaurs will not have access to food. Make sure that there are several scattered feeders on the catwalk (preferably that they are still close to the observation point for tourists).

Another important factor affecting comfort is the population index and establishing contacts index. Most dinosaurs “talk” only with members of their own species – aTriceratops doesn’t catch up with another herbivore, it needs a second Triceratops. Make sure every dinosaur has at least one friend. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, for example, Velociraptors need a minimum of 3 individuals and the herbivore Ankylosaurus is a loner – it feels bad in the presence of any dinosaur. Control these parameters by combing the database in the Control Room tab or by clicking on the dinosaur.

You have to remember not to let carnivores and herbivores run into each other catwalk – otherwise, the carnivores will bite all the dinosaurs (despite the appropriate feeders, the carnivores prefer to hunt). This rule usually works, with few exceptions. More in the following chapter, “Compatibility of dinosaurs.”

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