Vampyr: Types of activities and missions…

Vampyr: Types of activities and missions in VampyrIn this chapter, you will learn more about the type of tasks and activities in Vampyr.


  • In Vampyr, the game’s axis is actually interacting with others and frequent skirmishes. You will spend most of your time following the main storyline, which tells the story of Jonathan’s desire for blood and the reason of his transformation into a vampire.
  • There are 4 districts in the game, each with a population of about 15-17 inhabitants. You can talk to them, get tips/hints and discover their stories.
  • Some residents will ask you to conduct an investigation – these are minor side tasks that mainly involve recovering an item or examining a site. This often involves even less choice – for example, you can report a character or promise to remain silent. The consequences of your actions will have an impact on contacts with other residents.
  • Finding Collectibles – the game features 30 notes scattered all over the city. Each of them contains an entry about the game world, or some characters.
  • Sometimes you see exclamation marks on the map – they are so-called events, which are often the result of your decisions or actions. Sometimes you will have a normal dialogue with a character, and sometimes you will have to fight a battle with a transformed resident.
  • City exploration and combat – initially, most districts are blocked, but over time you will unlock more and more regions on the map. It’s worth exploring the game world, because sometimes you’ll come across additional investigations and get many valuable items. Visiting the sewers close to the hospital will allow you, for example, to save one of the inhabitants locked in a trap.


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