Jurassic World Evolution: Upgrading Structures…

Jurassic World Evolution: Upgrading Structures In Jurassic World Evolution

This chapter is dedicated to building upgrades in Jurassic World Evolution. You’ll learn how to install upgrades, where to get them, and what are their costs.

Improving your buildings and units is not essential, but if you want to get as many stars as possible for your park, you will need them. In the genome modification section you have already learned that modifying the genome affects the probability of a dinosaur successfully hatching. To further enhance this factor, you will need to install the Success Rate 2.0 upgrade. You can install it by clicking on the Hammond Lab, going to the third tab and clicking on the empty upgrade slot. Note that choosing an upgrade will burden you with additional costs – in the form of increased power consumption and installation costs in dollars.

You can install these improvements in power plants and all operating centers (Fossil Center, Expedition Center, ACU, etc.). You can research all the improvements in the Research Center. The best improvements are those that expand the capabilities of your buildings, protect you against certain threats or speed up certain processes. Below are the improvements you should have installed in your park:

  • for Hammond Lab – Success Rate (literally THE most important upgrade) and Hatchery Capacity,
  • for power plants – Reduced Upkeep and Outage Protection (second most important upgrades after Success Rate),
  • for ACU and Ranger Station – ACU Helicopter Scheduling/Ranger Team Scheduling,
  • for Expedition Center – Dig Speed and Dig Team Charlie/Bravo,
  • for Fossil Center – Inventory Space and Extraction Speed,
  • for Research Center – Research Team Charlie/Bravo and Research Cost.

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