Vampyr: Compendium of Collectibles…

Vampyr Compendium of Collectibles to find in Vampyr

This chapter contains the list of all collectibles found in Vampyr. The game features numerous hidden notes that contain useful information about the game’s world and its characters. The developers have divided the compendium into a few categories.

  • Weakness of Vampires
  • The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole
  • The Guard of Priwen
  • The Origin of Vampires
  • The Need for Blood
  • Species of Vampires
  • The Great Hunt
  • The Skals
  • The Story of Ascalon
  • The Legendary Vampires

Weakness of Vampires

Fire and Sun.
About the use of garlic and wooden stakes.
Holy symbols and Orichalcum.

The Brotherhood of Saint-Paul Stole

The Ban of the Dragon.

The Lost Library.

Origin of the Brotherhood.

The Guard of Priwen

Professional Vampire Hunters.

The Foundry key.

New Practices, New Tactics.

The Origin of Vampires

The Antique Figure of the Vrykolakas.

Fertile is the belly of the beast!

The Heresy of the Pure Blood.

The Need for Blood

Blood as Addiction.

Of the recreational use of Blood.

Species of Vampires

Rare Species of Vampires.

Supremacy of Ekons.
The Violence of Vulkods.

The Great Hunt

The Great Hunt: Hail to our fallen Comrades!

The Blood Night tragedy.

The Crime of Lost Knowledge.

The Skals

Extermination of the Rodents.
The Ichor’s Threat
Origins of the Skals.

The Story of Ascalon

Vampire Club.

Vampire Factions and Skals.

History and purpose of the Ascalon Club.

The Legendary Vampires

The Vampire Knight.

The Blood Goddess Heresy.

The Blood Goddess Heresy.

The Myth of the Horned Vampire.

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