Jurassic World Evolution: Compatibility Of…

This chapter will allow you to keep the right balance between herbivores and carnivores in one catwalk. Thanks to the compatibility of dinosaurs, you’ll be able to mix different species in Jurassic World Evolution.

In general, herbivores shouldn’t be mixed up with carnivores, because carnivores can start to kill the entire population of the former. This rule works, but not in every case. Below there are some of the relationships you can find by placing different dinosaurs in one catwalk.

Tests carried out on the largest carnivores:

They are chasing, but they can’t kill:

  • Dilophosaurus (it’s possible that they are too fast and easily panic),
  • Velociraptors,
  • Deinonychus.

They chase and provoke, but they don’t attack:

  • Diplodocus (possibly too big),
  • Camarasaurus,
  • Brachiosaurus,
  • any type with a long neck (the exception is Indominus Rexes, who kill everyone with a long neck).

A large carnivore can’t kill the largest herbivores, nor the smallest ones. The rest, it kills without any problem.

A small carnivore can live in harmony with, for example, brachiosaurus. Most likely Velociraptors are too small to attack a large herbivore.

Some combos on one catwalk are Velociraptors x4 + Ankylosaurus x2. They will not attack under any circumstances.

You should also avoid combos like: Ceratosauruses and Velociraptors – the latter will often panic, they will be afraid to approach food when Ceratosauruses are nearby.

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