Jurassic World Evolution Unlocking New Islands…

Jurassic World Evolution Unlocking New Islands In Jurassic World Evolution

This section contains information about unlocking more islands in Jurassic World Evolution. You will learn what conditions must be fulfilled to unlock new locations.

There are 6 locations in Jurassic World Evolution, one of them is available at the beginning: Isla Matanceros. To unlock sandbox island, you must reach 4 stars in the initial location. You need 3 stars in the initial location to unlock Isla MuertaYou can unlock Isla Tacano with 3 stars in the second location (Isla Muerta). Isla Pena (4 location) – needed 3 stars in location 3 (Isla Tacano). To unlock the last location – Isla Sorna – it is necessary to have 3 stars in Isla Pena.

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