Jurassic World Evolution How To Get The…

Jurassic World Evolution How To Get The Maximum Rating For The Park In Jurassic World Evolution?

This chapter will introduce you to the secrets of the park’s rating at Jurassic Park Evolution. You will find out what tourists are assessing, how to raise the park’s rating, what to look after.

The rating of the park is nothing other than the rating of guests visiting your park. The more stars, the better the park. The overall assessment of the park is the result of two other assessments: the evaluation of dinosaurs and the assessment of the complex.

The assessment of dinosaurs consists of: well-being, diversity, the number of dinosaurs, the basic assessment of dinosaurs, genetic modifications, battles between dinosaurs.

The assessment of your complex is influenced by: safety (number of accidents involving guests and the number of shelters built), capacity (number of hotels), guest satisfaction(visibility of dinosaurs, rating of food and drinks, entertainment, shops and transport assessment).

To raise the dinosaurs rating, simply fill your catwalks with different types of dinosaurs (they can also be those with genetic modifications).

Increasing the rating for a complex requires a lot more money and attention. Tourists who visit your park are lazy and must have everything under their breath. If your area is extensive, try to build a monorail, and at every station or remote area build additional stores of any type (with clothes, food, drinks, gaming machines, souvenirs). You must also take care of the dinosaur’s visibility – try to cover the catwalks with visibility zones. At the beginning you will have access to only one building (Viewing Gallery), in time you will be able to build new buildings to improve the visibility of dinosaurs (Viewing PlatformsGyrospheres). Also, don’t forget to cover your park with shelters and buildings for protection from storm.

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