All Districts Descriptions In Vampyr

This chapter of the guide to Vampyr will contain the essential information about the city’s districts.

Districts in Vampyr

  • There are four districts in the game: Docks, Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel and West End. Subsequent locations will become available as the plot progresses.
  • You will find about 16 residents in each district. You can interact with those characters – you can collect clues about their history, perform quests or trade.
  • Each district is described by the so-called Health Status – it is an indicator that shows how the district copes with the epidemic. Your actions will have effect on the Health Status – you can treat the resident or kill them, which will affect the Health Status accordingly.
  • Health status is divided into the following levels: Sanitized, Healthy, Stable, Serious, Critical and Hostile. If a district falls below the critical level, the residents will die out and enemies will appear.
  • In each district you can find a safehouse, where you can craft items and rest, which enables you to advance to higher levels of experience.
  • The biggest changes in the districts take place “during the night” when you go to rest. New diseases will appear, the consequences of your decisions will come into force, new items will appear in the shops, etc.

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