Vampyr District’s Pillars In Vampyr

When you open the citizen menu, you will notice that the figure known as the “pillar” occupies a central place. What are the pillars and what function will they play in Vampyr? The answer can be found below.

Who are the pillars of districts?

  • The pillars are the key people in the district. These are characters who usually take care of other residents and are essential to the game’s plot.
  • The pillars of each district are: Dr. Swansea in Pembroke Hospital, Sean Hampton in the Docks, Dorothy Cranein Whitechapel, and Aloysius in West End.
  • There is a choice waiting for you at some point of the game, connected with each of these characters – after some plot events, you will be able to save, kill, or mesmerize the pillars. This will affect the health status of the district and the course of some events.
  • If one of the pillars dies, the health status of the district will be significantly reduced. So if you are planning to play a “good” character, you’ll have to save everyone and make the right choices about their fate.
  • Pillars usually have a very high level of mesmerization and offer a lot of experience points when drained of blood.

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