Portal Knights – The Villainous Update (V 1.5.1)

Portal Knights – The Villainous Update (V 1.5.1)

PLEASE NOTE – Regeneration is required to access some of this new content. Vacant islands and your home island are safe from regeneration.


– Three new bosses have been added – the Slime Queen, the Knight Hunter, and the All-Watcher! Quests in Port of Caul (1-07), Witchwater (2-12), and Sea of Stalks (3-06) will lead you to three epic battles. (Regeneration required.)
– The Ranger’s Guild “Bodkin’s Point” has been added to Hintertown (2-03) along with new quests, NPCs, merchants and much more to discover! (Regeneration required.)
– A “Smart Camera” option has been added and enabled by default when using a controller. The Smart Camera will automatically track the player and position itself behind them.
– New side-by-side chest menu! When you open a chest or other container, you’ll now see a handy side-by-side view of your backpack and the chest, along with shortcuts for mass item transfers and stacking.
– An unlimited water source item has been added to Creative Mode.
– Kitchen-themed items have been added to Creative Mode.
– Traps are now available for Rangers to use against enemies.
– Consumable items and recipes can now be used directly from your backpack (via the More Actions menu).
– Completed events now grant XP and gold.
– Added rare drop chance for pirate trophy to hollow knight pirates.


-The quest system has been reworked – regenerating a universe no longer resets quests.
– Added variants of gold coin drop models to signify larger gold drop amounts.
– Remaining event time is now shown in the quest HUD.
– Fast travel by gamepad has now dedicated hotkeys for going home and returning to landing pad.
– Completing quests shows a new quest completion popup.
– Screen resolution list in the graphical options menu is now sorted in a menu instead of a dropdown list to be more robust.
– High value items now have new VFX when dropped.
-Adjusted the duration of flying merchant events to better fit with other event lengths.
– Mr. Pickles cave can now always be found in the same area near the landlubber’s leap pirate town.Before, he was too hard to find occasionally.
– NPC greeting sounds trigger now when the player is closer than before. This should improve greeting spam in densely populated areas.
– Rearranged the title screen buttons. The offline play option has been removed as the player can set this via the Steam client.
– The drop chance for sharpening stones, traps, tomahawks and totems has been increased.
– Cooldown for health and mana potions has been reduced.


– Loading times have been improved.
– The sound systems have been updated to improve stability.
– Gold coin drops, rewards and prices have been rebalanced to feel more consistent.
– Splitscreen handling in the pre-game menus has been improved.
– Gaining HP or Mana no longer counts as combat.
– Fixed a bug with loot sometimes being dropped twice.
– Fixed the bug that players would sometimes get stuck.
– Fixed a memory leak.
– When returning to Maria with the C’Thiris mask equipped as a helmet, she correctly recognizes now that the player owns the mask.
– The “Shout”-quest from Guildmaster Rudyard in Fort Finch now correctly counts the Gazers that have been affected by the shout skill.
– Fixed events with portals to have the correct portal stone color now.
– Rearranged some items in the creative mode inventory for more consistency.
– Further improved the saving process to avoid issues in certain edge-cases.
– Improved the enemy drop rates of some event specific resources.
– Improvements to UI scaling in 4k.
– The mana orb drop rate from enemies does no longer scale up with player count in multiplayer.
– Quest and boss key items can no longer be trashed.
– Improved stability for uploading and downloading workshop items on Steam.

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