Vampyr Guide – Investigations in Whitechapel

This chapter describes all investigations in the Whitechapel district in Vampyr. Here you will find the list of missions and how to solve all of the tasks.

Trinkets and more

How to unlock: Talk to Barrett Lewis about his business.

Jonathan’s recommended level: Around level 12.

Description: Go to the location indicated by the task. A fight with a large beast (level 10) and several Skals awaits you there. Go to the first floor of the building, and then move to the attic once again. Open the box, and you will find a letter to Barrett Lewis there. Now you can decide who you want to tell about the affair.

The crusade

How to unlock: Talk to Father Tobias Whitaker.

Jonathan’s recommended level: Level 15.

Description: You must find Samuel. Go to the cemetery and look for the man. You will reach a shrine – search the corpse and turn on the vampire’s vision mode. Follow the blood, and soon you will reach a transformed man. Kill him and return to the priest to inform him about the fate of the wretch.

A promising recruit

How to unlock: Defeat the Skal and read the note from his corpse.

Jonathan’s recommended level: Around level 15.

Description: Cross the bridge near the hospital and go towards Whitechapel. On the right side, you will see a higher level that you can jump to (as shown in the picture above). Go there and defeat the level 18 Skal. You will find a note on his body.


How to unlock: Find an imprisoned man in the building.

Jonathan’s recommended level: Around level 12.

Description: Go to the building shown on the map above. You will find a trapped man there – defeat the Skals and free him. Afterwards, he will head out to Whitechapel.

A widow in trouble

How to unlock: Find the widow at the cemetery.

Jonathan’s recommended level: Around level 12.

Description: Go to the cemetery east of Whitechapel and save the widow who locked herself in a shrine. You can convince her to come back to Whitechapel and live there.

Eye of occultism

How to unlock: Find the note written in Braille.

Jonathan’s recommended level: The task can be completed at any point in the game.

Description: In the building with the trapped man you will find a note written in Braille. You must take it to Mason Swanborough (in order for him to let you in you must have a hypnotism level of 3). You will learn that there are more pages like this scattered throughout the city – you have to gather them. We have prepared a seperated section about this task – check it to find more valuable information.

Beloved Souvenir

How to unlock?: Eavesdrop a conversation of Clayton and Cristina. Talk to a man about your relationship with a woman and you will find out about a lost scarf.

Suggested Jonathan’s level: around 12

Description: Go around the Whitechapel Church, where Cristina Popa resides, turn on your vampire senses and wait patiently for to get a signal that informs about the prostitute scene. She will meet Clayton Darby and talk with him in a nearby alley, but in order to listen to them you will have to climb the balcony located above. Then, talk to the journalist and ask him about the relationship with the woman. You will find out that the man would like to be with her, and that he could their relation by finding a lost scarf of Cristina. The task will now be initiated. Follow the instructions to a small courtyard halfway between Whitechapel and Stonebridge Cemetery. When you defeat the Skals that reside here, you’ll find a scarf next to one of the corpses. You can give the item back to Cristina in exchange for a small amount of cash, but a better option would be to give it to Clayton, because only in this way will you unlock the last hint of the prostitute.

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