Guns Of Icarus Patches In A…

Guns Of Icarus Patches In A New Map And Kickstarter Rewards For Hamster Fans

Hamsters of Icarus
Anthology Tier Hamsterdam Kickstarter exclusive reward in early!
As a token of our appreciation for backing Hamsterdam, we have the special items in game just for you! So go be fabulous!
Jealous? – You have til September 29th to get your own Hamster Hoodie

Hamsterdam Kickstarter will receive a code for these four items!

  • Hamsterdam Bomber Jacket
  • Hamsterdam Hood
  • Hamsterdam Spectacles
  • Hamsterdam Pimm Decal

Join the Hamster Squad: We added a [Hamster] title in Guns of Icarus Alliance!

    Grab a screenshot of your character in the View Profile or My Profile tab
    Steam: ‘F12’  |  PS4: ‘SHARE’
    Upload your screenshot to Twitter / Facebook / Instagram and tag us with:
    @gunsoficarus & @hamsterdamgame

On October 1st we will select a Winner on each platform:
Win Hamsterdam on Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, iOS, Android, and Steam!
(If you already pledged you’ll receive a second copy of each platform release)

New Map:
Hidden Temple (Assault)

  • What have the Baronites been hiding deep in the Ridge Forest Mountains?

Adapted Maps:
Crown Gambit (2v2)

  • You’ve defended the summit before, now fight in the northern quarry in PvP!

Urban Brawl (Uses Labyrinth Map)

  • Labyrinth joins the list of maps available in Brawl mode! Fight through the city in 3 or 4 team battles!

New Weapon:
Roaring Tiger Heavy Detonator Mk. S

  • Arming Delay: 1s
  • Explosion Interval: 0.25s
  • Initial Delay: 0.25s
  • Jitter: 3
  • Velocity: 80 m/s
  • Range: 500m
  • Explosions: 2
  • Vertical Arcs: 30 up/ 15 down
  • Horizontal Arcs: 60
  • Direct Damage: 100 Flechette
  • Burst Damage: 85 Explosive
  • ROF: 1/s
  • AOE: 55m
  • Clip Size: 3
  • Force: 8000 KN (on Burst)
  • Reload: 10s

Social Features:
Discord Rich Presence – Now you can see what map friends are playing on, and join/invite via Discord!

  • Send invites to join lobbies! Watch for this in Dev Games.
  • Invite to spectate in running matches!
  • Shows your ingame faction in Discord profile!

Greased Ammo:

  • Jitter: +0% (from +90%)


  • Longitudinal Accel: 9.2 m/s (from 8)
  • Turn Accel: 23 deg/s (from 19.99)
  • Turn Speed: 25 deg/s (from 22)
  • Sail hitboxes removed
  • Duplicate hitboxes removed.
  • Removed railings from hull hitbox.
  • Armor: 313 (from 330) – reduces the number of pipe wrench rebuild hits by 1


  • Adjusted hitboxes to fit model better. Removed hitboxes from non-vital areas (sails, missing parts on full damage stage mesh).


  • Small aesthetic change to engine positions to align with mounts and platforms. Reduces turn acceleration by about 0.1deg/s
  • Moved balloon fixpoint to old heavy gun platform. The circle is now complete.
  • Removed ‘oar’ hitboxes – were not consistent with the visible model or animation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Surrender not showing in end-match screens
  • Old Dog Pilot 9 unlocks before 7, 8
  • Corrected damage description on Cataclysm Rounds. Actual damage is triple.
  • Unable to friend/PM some players

Guns Of Icarus


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