GW2 Halloween 2018 Festival Guide

GW2 2018 Halloween Festival guide with a list of the new items and achievements.

New Items

The Cure – Dagger Revenge – Axe Soul Conductor – Sword
gw2-the-cure gw2-revenge gw2-soul-conductor
  • New Minis
    • Mini Pumpkin Jack – Can be acquired by doing the new Maleficence Collection or as part of Trick or Treat Bags
    • Mini Pumpkin Jack O’ – Created in the Mystic Forge using the following recipe
      • 5x Mini Pumpkin Jack
      • 5x Hellfire Skeleton Tonics
      • 5x Flasks of Pumpkin Oil
      • 5 Bottles of Batwing Brew
    • Mini Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern – Created in the Mystic Forge using the following recipe
      • 5x Mini Pumpkin Jack O’
      • 10x Flasks of Pumpkin Oil
      • 10x Bottles of Batwing Brew
      • 1x Endless Hellfire Skeleton Tonic (500x Hellfire Skeleton Tonics 1x Endless Halloween Enchantment, 10x Tattered Bat Wings)
Mini Pumpkin Jack Mini Pumpkin Jack O’ Mini Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern
gw2-mad-maleficence-collection-guide-30 gw2-mini-pumpkin-jack-o gw2-mini-pumpkin-jack-o-lantern

New Achievements

There are two main additions to the achievements for this year. (Annual) Halloween Ritual achievements and Mad Maleficence collection achievements.

You can find the guide to past year’s achievements here:

(Annual) Halloween Ritual


  • Complete 9 of the following achievements for this meta which also rewards you with Mini Haunted Candle. No achievement points given, each achievement just give 10x Trick or Treat bags.
  • You need to do either the Mad King’s Clock Tower or the Mad Drifter achievement, neither are easy
  • (Annual) Ancient Grudge- Kill 100 of Palawa Joko’s minions
  • (Annual) A Royal Tradition – Do a round of Mad King says
  • (Annual) Arguably Foodlike – Eat 300 Candy Corns
  • (Annual) Ascent to Madness – Do the Ascent to Madness once
  • (Annual) Courtly Service – Go to the middle of the labyrinth and spend 5 gold from the Mad King’s Steward (the food one costs 5 gold)
  • (Annual) Lunatic Racer – Complete the race event in Mad King’s Labyrinth in under 2 minutes. Do it 3 times.
  • (Annual) Mad Drifter – Complete a lap of Mad King’s Raceway in under 1 minute, different from the Labyrinth race
  • (Annual) Mad King’s Clock Tower – Complete the Mad King’s jumping puzzle
  • (Annual) Masters of the Labyrinth – Defeat the 3 champions in Mad King’s Labyrinth
  • (Annual) Pumpkin Carving – Carve 100 pumpkins

Mad Maleficence


Returning Activites

The entrance to these activities can all be found in Lion’s Arch. They are marked on the map as door. The exception is Mad King Says which occurs in Grand Piazza instead. Be sure to check out the vendors as well marked on the map with a candy corn icon.

  • Mad King’s Clocktower – Not much has changed. You get 5 trick or treat bags for running it.If you are really good at jumping puzzles this might be a good option to farm Trick or Treat bags.
  • Mad King’s Labyrinth – Basically where people go to farm for Trick or Treat Bags. It is a farming map where you go and follow a commander to run around killing mobs, close doors and carve pumpkins. Use the LFG to find a farming instance.
  • Ascent to Madness – This dungeon is being farmed for the chance at Tattered Bat Wings which is used to make the Nightfuy Ascended shoulders. It is a 5 man dungeon and the end chest have a chance to drop the Wings so you can run it as many time as you want for a chance. Use ingame LFG tool to find a group.
  • Lunatic Inquisition  – Fun PvP/Elimination event bought back this year.
  • Mad King Says – Occurs every 2 hrs on the hour at Grand Piazza. Basically you do the emote that Mad King tells you to but only emote if it is followed by Mad King says as he will try to trick you. On every successful emote (or inactivity if he tries to trick you) you will get a stacking buff. Every 4 stacks of this buff you are eligible for a Mad King Chest Key fragment. You can only get 3 key fragments a day and you need 3 fragments to combine together to make a key. This means that you can only only open the chest at end of Mad King Says once a day and you must participate for a specific duration to get rewards. The chest also have a chance to drop Tattered Bat Wings and the Mini Spooky Moa.


New Activities

  • Reaper’s Rumble – this game mode is returning for the first time since its inception back in 2012. Talk to the Lunatic Boatmaster to access it
  • Mad King’s Raceway – A new racetrack instance filled with annoying obstacles that prevent you from doing any actual drifting. There is a Mad Drifter achievement associated with it where you need to do a single lap in under 1 minute. There is an option for a race or time trails. . Talk to the Lunatic Boatmaster to access it

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