Blade & Soul’s Blade & Ghoul Halloween…

Blade & Soul’s Blade & Ghoul Halloween Event Is Here With Reward And Upgrade Rebalancing

Halloween is officially live in NCsoft’s Blade & Soul this morning as the Blade & Ghoul (yes really) event has kicked off. As we’ve previously noted, starting today and running through November 7th, level 50-plus toons will be zipping through the Zaiwei Ruins, which has been buffed with the power of darkness and infused with really sweet themed costumery. Of course, you’re getting a buff too, in the form of a 50% experience boost. Sub-level-50 toons can take on dailies for tokens exchangeable for loot.

Do note that today’s patch has a bit more than just Halloween festivities. NCwest says it’s tweaked PvP rewards and rewards from some of the solo dungeons rather significantly as well. Moreover, the studio’s rebalance upgrade costs for legendary accessories from raids.

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