Villagers And Heroes’ Haunted Moors Takes You…

Villagers And Heroes’ Haunted Moors Takes You Back To Spooky Town

The Haunted Moors (4.21)

Halloween has hit the Seven Realms! This update brings the Haunted Moors Event Zone to the game, along with countless improvements and fixes!


We are aware of the following problems.  There’s no need to report them.
  • Shop Outfit Preview feature is currently not working. On mobile the outfit won’t display on your avatar, on PC the entire preview window will not appear. (click here for a preview of all Halloween outfits!)
  •  Reward Chest (on the right-side of the screen and when ‘wooshing’ to the right) sometimes disappears (but there is still a circle in its place).


The Halloween Event is here, step into the Haunted Moors and find out just what sort of spooky time awaits you. Players can preview new outfits and mounts on the new preview website found here:
  •  A new system of daily quests help players earn rewards.
  •  Quests within the zone will have their Gold and XP rewards scaled to the players level for an extra reward.
  •  New fun spells and effects for the Haunted Moors zone.
  •  New Mounts: The Skeletal Steed can be earned from the event, the more epic variants (Harvest, Moon, and Shadow) will be found in the shop.
  •  New Outfit: The Plague Doctor. This outfit will be available in the shop.
  •  New Polymorph: Players can earn a polymorph toy in the event to turn into the Bogeyman!
  •  New Pet: Players can earn a new pet in the event, the Bogeyworm!
  •  Added The Haunted Moors as a location on the world map as a travel pad.
  •  New ‘breadcrumb’ trail to help new players find and get acquainted with the zone.
  •  Incarnations are now rare spawns that appear every so often.
  •  Additionally players participating in the event can earn: powerful consumables, the Dullahan Costume, The Webwitch Outfit, and the Lava Dragon Outfit.


The following improvements have been made.
  •  The Item Shop-themed loading screen has been updated to avoid confusion.
  •  Reworked the Elder Soul tooltip, fixing some issues with strange numbers appearing, and overhauling it to make it more clear and interesting.
  •  Removed all old bags and vaults consumable items from the game (e.g. an item that would unlock “Bag 4” etc.). Players who had these items before will either get new versions, or crown bags as compensation. Note: No player will see any change in their actual inventory and current bags, this was only on unconsumed legacy bag items.
  •  Crafted ingredients and Instant Resurrects are no longer used from the vault.
  •  If an item both unlocked gnogmenting appearances and had other benefits (such as items or crowns), and you already had the gnogmenting appearances unlocked, you would be unable to use the item. It now warns you instead.
  •  Many localization and language improvements for non-English clients.


Many Balance changes are being made with this patch. Most notably, several AOE spells and feats had their power reduced across all classes. Additionally, we were seeing a pattern where DPS Priests and Hunters were both consistently under-performing compared to Wizards and Warriors, and so some balance was added to try and get everyone on an even playing field.


  •  Charge and Frenzied Strike’s iniating speed now also works while mounted.
  •  The bonus attack speed of Frenzied strike has been reduced from 35% to 25%.
  •  Whirlwind’s damage has been reduced.
  •  The bonus scaling on Lightning Bolt and Thunderbolt has been scaled back.
  •  Phoenix Strike’s base Mana Cost has increased.
  •  Ultimate Spurring Jolts cooldown reduction has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.


  •  Flaming Meteor’s Damage over time was reduced. It’s cooldown was changed to 60 seconds.
  •  Inferno’s Damage was reduced. It’s cooldown was changed to 30 seconds.
  •  Fire Burst’s Damage was reduced. It’s cooldown was changed to 20 seconds.
  •  Ice Storm’s Damage was reduced. It’s cooldown was changed to 30 seconds.
  •  Frost Nova’s Damage was reduced. It’s cooldown was changed to 20 seconds.


  •  Concussion Shot’s damage was reduced. It’s cooldown was changed to 30 seconds.
  •  Crippling Shot damage was increased.
  •  Wounding Shot’s instant damage was increased.
  •  True Shot’s damage was increased.
  •  Splinter Shot’s cooldown was changed to 20 seconds.
  •  Bandage’s healing amount was increased.
  •  Viper Sting’s Burst damage has been increased.
  •  Noxious Shot’s damage has been increased.


  •  Smite’s Damage has been increased.
  •  Shadow Orb’s damage has been increased.
  •  Shadow Bolt’s damage has been increased.
  •  Mass Absorb Shield’s mana cost has increased.
  •  Mass Heal’s healing over time has been reduced.

Stats and General

  •  The maximum benefit of Poise has been reduced from 20% to 15%.
  •  The maximum benefit of Flux has been reduced from 20% to 15%.
  •  The maximum benefit of Juggernaut has been reduced.
  •  The maximum benefit of Clarity has been reduced from 40% to 35%.
  •  The maximum benefit of Haste has been reduced from 40% to 30%.
  •  Lowered Will’s out of combat regeneration potential from 24 to 18.
  •  The maximum benefit of Intellect has been increased from 2000 to 3000.
  •  The base health that players receive per level has been increased (this change is retroactive, all players will see an increase in their maximum life).
  •  Luckinium now boost loot by 5x instead of 10x.


  •  Reduced Fireball Volleys damage (Meghrin and Corpus)
  •  Reduced Shadow Volleys damage (Josefine and Corpus)
  •  Reduced Shadow Wave damage (Josefine)
  •  Regular mobs have increased health.
  •  Mini-Bosses have increased health.
  •  Lowered the damage reduction on ‘tank’ skeletons.
  •  Templar’s Wrath now heals for 100% instead of 20%.
  •  Fixed an issue where Plagued was doing 25% damage instead of 75% damage.
  •  Lowered Highlord Meghrin’s damage by about 10%.
  •  Fixed an issue that was causing Meghrin to get a bonus 20% fire damage boost.
  •  The bonus health scaling the dungeon creatures get from extra players present has been reduced from 20% per player to 15% per player.
  •  Experience and gold from dungeons has been scaled back.


The following fixes have been made to various quests in Villagers and Heroes.
  •  Donovan (cooking tutorial) now gives less variety of things to make it more clear what the player is supposed to do, however he gives more quantity of the things he does give.
  •  Marked Tullys first quest in Sapphira’s lament as a main quest so players don’t skip it, additionally players must start Tully’s quest before accepting Navarro’s. This fixes a case where players could end up getting locked out of getting the Knockroe key.
  •  Made Bounty Master quests only show 1 goal that instructs them to kill all bounties, rather than a huge long quest with 30+ goals.
  •  Turned Stuttering Stavros into a Human.
  •  Boosted the drop rate of Anobri rings.
  •  The Traders path tavern is now a no mount area.
  •  Made it significantly easier to get up to the Secret Hideout island in Sailors End.
  •  Removed some incorrect text from Lysanders recovery buff.
  •  Fixed bad text in Zorian, fishing holes -> Beetle Logs.
  •  Updated some of Urian’s outdated text.
  •  Fixed a case where if players did things out of order they could break the quest On The Trail, To Samuel!
  •  Removed Thistlebora as a requirement for the achievement “Helping the Spriggans”.
  •  Made several changes around the Golden Quills quests in Pyrron, making them much more linear and clear as to what the player is suppose to do and how to do it. Additionally fixed a rare case where a player who trashed the items could get their quest progress blocked.
  •  Removed Centurion Grigor and his quest.
  •  Removed the fake Goblins in Gilly that were confusing. Added several more spawn points in Gilly to increase available Goblins.
  •  Reworked the quest “Up Waterfalls” so that players don’t get stuck trying to talk to Nadia and she wont’ talk to them.
  •  Fixed an issue with Yeti Pelts for a quest in maiden.
  •  Fixed a case where players could break the quest line and not be able to get the quest Sounds of Silence Part 3.
  •  Fixed some quest items for the quest Sleeping Dragons to stack properly. Fixed a case where if players threw these items away they could have trouble getting them again.
  •  The Benefits of Crafting now accepts all gear that is level 19 and below (prior to this change it only counted gear that was level 9 and below). Additionally, some of the goal texts were made a bit more clear.
  •  Correctly marked both Parts of History of Pyrrus along with all Relic of the Past drop quests to be main quests.
  •  Change the Relic of the Past drop quest to scale between level 55 and 75, depending on the zone the item was found (rather than all quests being level 60 and the same XP).
  •  Made the barrel near Priam not collide-able.
  •  Changed the Maldwyn’s Tomb portal to read the correct level range for the area.
  •  Remove the NPCs Dorin and Mila and their side quests.


The following bug fixes have been made.
  •  Fixed an issue causing high level Elders to do more damage than intended.
  •  Fixed an issue with King Minos not dropping his Elder Fragment.
  •  Removed a broken mining node in Aberdeen Caves.
  •  Fixed a typo in one of the game loading screens.
  •  Tweaked a few Marsh land NPC views that had objects in the way.
  •  Attempting to drop an item into a stack in the Shared Trunk would briefly swap them before stacking.
  •  Fixed: Moved Mitri so she doesn’t get stuck.
  •  Fixed some cases where through rebirth players could break their black thrush quests.
  •  Fixed an issue where Level 90 special ingredients were ‘dropping’ from salvaging instead of level 90 Timber. This game breaking bug caused these rare and valuable items to be way more abundant than ever intended.
  •  Fixed an issue causing Living Fossils not to drop for Zorian Gather Nodes.
  •  Translate some strings that were inadvertently left untranslated.
  •  Fixed it so Swamp-Touched recipes will show up in the auction house under the Other category (instead of only in the All category). Note: This only affects new auctions as they are posted. Old auctions that are active when this build goes live will still only be see-able in the All category.
  •  Fixed chauncey_final
  •  Fixed Treant attacks to not read as a jumbled garble of text.
  •  A few minor text clipping and alignment fixes.


The following changes have been made for the PC client.
  •  Incorrect “You gained Socket” message would show when gnogmenting items that didn’t require any sockets.
  •  Hopefully fixed an issue preventing the game from running for new players.
  •  Upon completing a dungeon, the gear reward would sometimes have the wrong icon or show the wrong type of item.
  •  Fixed: the mount icon’s background was a Shop button.
  •  %h:ITEM tags would sometimes appear in notifications above the center bar.
  •  Duplicate “ghosts” of items in the overflow bag could sometimes appear.
  •  Removed the “Use from vault” option because it was misleading (it only affected Travel runes).


The following changes have been made for the Android and iOS clients.
  •  If equipping an item doesn’t work, error messages are now shown more consistently.
  •  Name tags are now larger for the selected object, instead of smaller.
  •  On iOS devices, the store categories were not translated and English texts were displayed on the world map and loading screens.
  •  Fixed: moving an item into or out of the Shared Trunk could cause the unequip tutorial to display.
  •  Claiming items from mail would sometimes cause them to not appear until they were moved or until a relog.
  •  Fixed localization handles in the mail claim pane.
  •  Tapping an empty slot, or tapping the selected slot, now deselects.
  •  Dragging an item into a gear slot no longer selects the gear slot.
  •  Gear in the Inventory now have an option to Compare, which shows a tooltip comparing the selected item with the equipped gear.
  •  Double-tapping an item in the Inventory screen now either equips or uses the item.
  •  Double-tapping an item in the Vaults screen swaps between inventory and vault.
  •  When tapping rapidly to claim many quest rewards, the animation would sometimes glitch.
  •  “Tap a slot to equip it” tutorial popup was tweaked to avoid confusion or unintentional unequipping of gear.
  •  Tweaks to when the exclamation notification for Shop sales is shown.
  •  If a piece of gear from a quest reward is too high level to equip, the Gnogment and Equip buttons are now grayed out.
  •  Buying Clockwork Harvesters and Voltan’s Resurrects now shows a confirmation if “Confirm purchases” is checked.

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