Gloria Victis Halloween & Crafting Update!…

Gloria Victis Halloween & Crafting Update! (Update v. – Steam Patch 146)

A huge, epic update just went live! It includes:

Crafting Update – a long-awaited expansion, which adds a completely new type of crafting processes and expands the crafting gameplay, adding more in-depth to it;
Player-built workshops – expansion of the player-spawned objects system, giving you a possibility to build your own metallurgic furnaces!
Recipes Update – a series of tweaks done in to enhance the user experience, improve the learning curve and make crafting your goods more convenient;
Halloween Update – brand new world event with new party mechanic designed for smaller groups, taking place in a unique, Carribean/pirate-themed new location, with unique rewards – including skins for a campfire and the top-tier furnace – and the return of the Spooky Fox!

It’s one of the largest Gloria Victis updates we’ve ever released. Hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

See you in battle!

Furnaces System:

– Soft-launched the new materials processing system which lets you to create metallurgic materials and reheat meals using the player-built furnaces, which require remaining demanded temperature using appropriate fuel; this change expands the crafting gameplay to make it more interesting and increase its’ variety
– Introduced 4 tiers of the player-built workstations: Campfire (replaces the previous Campfire which was a standard workshop), Bloomery, Furnace, Metallurgic Furnace – they vary with min/max temperature value and available recipes
– Added recipes of new furnaces – Campfire is learned by creating a character, Bloomery and Furnace can be bought from a Merchant vendor in the capital city and Metallurgic Furnace can be bought from the Quartermasters of Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven and Hordun Temple
– Added 7 skins for Campfire (lowest tier of workstations), including a Halloween skin: Berserker’s Night
– Added 3 skins for Metallurgic Furnace, including a Halloween skin: Hell Furnace

Furnaces FAQ:

1. Does it matter where the furnaces are placed?
No, they can be placed anywhere, except from the castles/towns areas, and have the same efficiency everywhere.
2. Do the furnaces despawn?
No, they do not despawn.
3. Can other players destroy my furnace?
Yes, it is possible at the moment. However, we will be gathering your feedback regard this matter in the nearest days, so it may change in future.
4. Can other players loot materials from my furnace?
Yes, it is possible at the moment. However, we will be gathering your feedback regard this matter in the nearest days, so it may change in future.
5. What will happen to recipes which can now be crafted both with the standard crafting and furnaces?
The recipes which can now be crafted with furnaces are temporarily left in the standard crafting, because we decided to soft-launch the furnaces system until it’s polished enough. However, they are expected to be finally removed from the standard crafting within about a week.
6. Why there are recipes like “rotten food”?
It is a visual bug which appeared while removing the unnecessary recipes and will be hotfixed soon.

Recipes update:

Updated numerous recipes, adjusting them due to the introduction of player-built workstations for processing materials, and removing various unnecessary materials and recipes in order to clarify the crafting processes – the removed recipes will still be visible in the crafting window for about a week. These changes are done to make the crafting more accessible and improve the user experience
– Removed the Graphite Dust and its’ recipe, assuming that grinding Graphite into dust is done when crafting further items; each player received 1 piece of Graphite in exchange for each 8 owned pieces of Graphite Dust
– Removed the Quartz Sand and its’ recipe, assuming that grinding Quartz into sand is done when crafting further items; each player received 8 pieces of Quartz Crystal in exchange for each owned piece of Quartz Sand
– Removed unused material and recipe: Soda
– Removed unused material and recipe: Glazier mix
– Removed recipes of melting the iron/steel scraps – from now on these processes will be available directly in the lump/bar recipes, as alternative materials
– Removed Iron Grivna, Iron Sheet, Steel Grivna and Steel Sheet and their recipes, replacing them in other recipes with Iron Lumps and Steel Bars, assuming that they are processed into grivnas and sheets; each player received appropriate amount of lumps/bars in exchange for the removed materials
– Removed Roasted Pyrite and Roasted Doped Pyrite and their recipes; each player received appropriate amount of raw versions in exchange for the removed materials
– Removed the Mass Lump of iron recipe, since this process is now done in furnaces
– Removed Roasted Meat and its’ recipe; each player received appropriate amount of Roasted Poultry Meat in exchange for it, which was material required for this recipe
– Removed bugged Roasted Ribs recipe (it will still be visible for about a week)
– Removed Charcoal Dust and its’ recipe, assuming that grinding Charcoal into dust is done when crafting further items; each player received 1 piece of Charcoal in exchange for each 10 owned pieces of Charcoal Dust
– Removed Slaked Lime and its’ recipe, replacing its’ usage in recipes with Quicklime and water, assuming that is’ being created when crafting further items
– Removed Bucket and its’ recipe, since it wasn’t being used for long time due to being confusing for new players, inconvenient for advanced players and unnecessarily taking the inventory space
– Removed Crushed Ceramic and its’ recipe, replacing it with Clay; each player received appropriate amount of Clay in exchange for each owned piece of Crushed Ceramic
– Removed Grinded Calcite and its’ recipe, assuming that grinding Calcite Crystals is done when crafting further items; each player received 10 pieces of Calcite Crystal in exchange for each owned piece of Grinded Calcite
– Removed Crystals grinding recipe scroll, since Calcite and Quartz Sand grinding processes were removed
– Removed Glass Carafe since it was an unused item; each player received appropriate amount of Quartz Carafe in exchange for each owned piece of Glass Carafe
– Removed Bucket of Sea Water since it was an unused item; each player received appropriate amount of Bucket of Water in exchange for each owned piece of Bucket of Sea Water

Metallurgy Processes Update:

Due to a soft launch of the player-built workstations (furnaces) in which you can melt iron ore into metal, the metallurgy recipes have been updated. They are still temporary possible to create with the standard crafting, until we are sure that the workstations system is polished enough. List of changes:
– Updated the amount of fuel in recipes available at furnaces: Iron Lump, Doped Lump of Iron, Steel Bar, Dziwer Bar, Bulat Bar, meals reheating, meat roasting, Quicklime, Quartz Glass, Chamotte
– Removed Iron Grivna and Iron Sheet from the alternative materials used in the Iron Lump recipe since they were removed
– Doped Lump of Iron is now 1 tier lower and is an alternative to Siderite, and from now on its’ recipe requires Doped Pyrite and Aqua Fortis
– Replaced Grinded Calcite in the Dziwer Bar recipe with Calcite Crystal, since Grinded Calcite was removed, also the Doped Lump of Iron can be used as an alternative to Siderite
– Replaced Graphite Dust in the Bulat Bar recipe with Graphitem since Graphite Dust was removed
– Replaced Quartz Sand in the Quartz Glass recipe with Quartz Crystal, since Quartz Sand was removed
– From now on, Chamotte recipe uses Kneaded Clay and Quicklime
– Removed Carrot and Exquisite Venison from the Food Vendor assortment – from now on, carrots have to be planted using seeds and venison has to be obtained from hunted bears
– From now on, weapons of the lowest tier are crafted using raw Limonite instead of Iron Lumps


– Added a new world event designed for up 2 parties (max 1 per nation) of 5 players – it can be started by delivering map fragments in port area of each capital city; in order to enter the event, you have to be in a party of required size and join the event through an invitation pop-up window; the 5-players party mechanic was added to expand the content where players numbers are equal and no nation can outnumber the other one; also, thanks to this system each nation has equal access to this event, regardless of the current control over locations in the world
– Added new location where the new world event takes place, which has Halloween-themed decorations
– Added an unique chest near the new world event location
– Spooky Fox comeback – replaced the minor bosses in the Volcano world event with Spooky Foxes for the Halloween period
– Added time-limited Halloween reward to loot of the Bloody Torturer in the catacombs world event
– Added more spawns of Sailors and Slave Hunters near Scarsdale and Seaclaw, because there were much less of them in the Sangmarian area than in the Midlandic and Ismirean lan ds
– From now on a player who accepted an arena duel will be removed from the queue if they move or receive damage and in consequence won’t be moved to the arena
– Improved Level of Details of the player character’s model
– Added meat cooking and meals reheating recipes to the starting recipes
– Further improvements the smoothness of the humanoid NPCs and environment models appearing on the player’s screen
– From now on NPC enemies which have been attacked and have no target player to fight, will call all surrounding allies with no target within their close range to fight the attacking player
– Expanded the AI dynamic learning and adapting to situation for NPCs fighting the new players (greenleafs), which adjusts the difficulty depending on the combat result


– Fixed an issue allowing to register an existing Steam account again with different email
– FIxed an issue allowing to Fast Travel to the minor flags when they are under attack (i.e. Volkvar Lumbermill)
– Fixes to displaying the missing buildings icons in the upgrade overview
– Fixed an issue preventing players from looting NPC enemies killed by other NPCs
– Fixed an issue causing reducing the tool’s durability when gathering resources which don’t require tools
– Fixed an issue causing that sailors and slave hunters would occasionally have the skeleton tattoo
– FIxed clipping of the starting Sangmarian chestpieces


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