Blade & Soul Previews Weapon And Gear…

Blade & Soul Previews Weapon And Gear Updates Ahead Of Its Theater Of Mystery Patch

The next major Blade & Soul update brings several impactful changes to core items and systems.

The Blade & Soul: Theater of Mystery update goes live in just over a week, and with it several impactful changes are being made. Check out the highlights below and stay tuned for the full patch notes going live the day before the update releases on December 5.

Systems Changes

  • The level cap has been increased to Level 55 Hongmoon Level 30.
  • The Hongmoon Level Experience curve has been updated. Overall, the amount of Hongmoon Experience required for each level has been reduced.
  • The Dungeon Challenge is a new ranking ladder where groups of players will compete for the highest score to earn weekly and seasonal rewards.
    • Create a party on the Dungeon Challenge tab of the Ranking UI (F11) and enter the dungeon via the F8 menu.
    • Your score in the Dungeon Challenge is calculated based on your group’s performance.
    • Leaderboards and rewards can be found on the Dungeon Challenge tab of the Ranking UI (F11).
    • Mazuko of Dreamsong Theater will be the active Dungeon Challenge starting on December 5 and you’ll earn Dreamsong Challenge Tokens.
    • Tower Trader NPC Kangcha in Mushin’s Tower now sells the Custom Dreamcatcher outfit set and PvE Psyche including the new Legendary Psyche for Dreamsong Challenge Tokens.
  • Hongmoon Master Scrolls are a new item that grants 1 Hongmoon Point when used.
    • The maximum cap for Hongmoon Points has been increased by 5.
    • Hongmoon Master Scrolls can now be acquired via Clan Crafting and other events.
  • You can now change the order of your characters on the Character Select screen.
  • The following crafting changes have been implemented:
    • Forgekeepers can now craft Warforge Fragments.
    • Radiant Ring can now craft Legendary Gem Hammer, Sealed Legendary Gem Hammer, and Skyshadow Orb.
  • The Random Battleground queue on Sundays has been replaced with Whirlwind Valley. The updated Battleground schedule is as follows:
Time/Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
12 a.m. – 6 a.m. (Server Time) Nova Core Whirlwind Valley Beluga Lagoon  Whirlwind Valley Nova Core Beluga Lagoon Whirlwind Valley
6 a.m. – 12 a.m. (Server Time) Whirlwind Valley Beluga Lagoon Whirlwind Valley
Clan Battleground (8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Server Time)
Nova Core Beluga Lagoon

Clan Battleground (8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Server Time)

Whirlwind Valley Nova Core

Clan Battleground (8 p.m. – 10 p.m. Server Time)


Items Changes

  • Legendary Weapons can now have a maximum of 8 gem slots.
    • Unlocking the 7th or 8th gem slot costs 22 Legendary Gem Hammer and 5 gold each.
  • PvP currencies and tiered upgrade materials for existing PvP weapons have been consolidated to a single type of item – Bloodstone Fragment and Bloodstone.
    • 10 Bloodstone Fragments can be combined to create one Bloodstone. One Bloodstone can be salvaged to receive 10 Bloodstone Fragments.
    • Bloodstone Fragments and Bloodstones are now used to purchase Hongmoon Skills, PvP Psyches, and related items as well as upgrade PvP weapons up to Dragon Forge Weapon Stage 9.
    • Content, items, and NPCs that rewarded or sold the items that are no longer used will now reward or sell Bloodstone Fragments and/or Bloodstones.
    • Crafting and transmutation recipes that used Bravery Coins now use Bloodstone Fragments.
    • The following items are no longer available or used and can be exchanged via the Antiques UI:


Antique Exchange

Bravery Coin 4 Bloodstone Fragments
Smelting Orb 8 Bloodstone Fragments
Ivory Beluga Orb 10 Bloodstone Fragments
Cosmic Pearl 25 Bloodstone Fragments
Galaxy Fragment 3 Bloodstone Fragments
Ascendance Stone 8 Bloodstone Fragments
Dragon Forge Fragment 10 Bloodstone Fragments
  • Reduced or adjusted the costs for the following upgrades and transformations:
    • Grand Celestial Weapon Stage 1-6
    • Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon Stage 7-9
    • Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon
    • Raven Weapon to Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon
    • Riftwalk/Dawnforged Weapon to Raven Weapon
    • Storm Dragon/Exalted Weapon to Aransu Weapon
    • Galaxy Weapon Stage 1 through Dragon Forge Weapon Stage 9
    • All Legendary Accessories not obtained from raids or Draken accessories.
    • For more information, click here.
  • You can now transmute a Gilded Triangular Obsidian using three Octagonal Obsidians, 50 Warforge Fragments, 100 Soulstone Crystals, and 21 Gold.
  • Legendary Soul Badges can now be upgraded to Awakened Stages 1-8. Each upgrade costs three Sacred Vial, three Divine Grace Stone, and 100 Gold.
  • Avenging Warrior Soul Shield Chests 1-8 are now available from the Battleground Trader NPC.
  • Grand Celestial Weapon Stages 7-9 are now available.
  • An Exalted Weapon and Storm Dragon Weapon can now be upgraded to a Skyforge Weapon and Shadowforge Weapon, respectively, up to a maximum of Stage 6.
  • A Dragon Forge Weapon can now be upgraded to an Incinerator Weapon up to a maximum of stage 9.
    • These upgrades require an Inferno Incinerator Stone and Vengeance Orb which can be purchased from the Battleground Trader NPC or earned through quests.
  • Legendary Accessories from Nightfall Sanctuary can now be upgraded to Awakened Stages 1-3.
  • The Kingmaker Necklace and Prophecy Necklace are now available by upgrading an Imperial Necklace.
  • The Everstorm Earring and Storm Regent Earring are now available by upgrading an Imperial Earring.

If you have any discussions or questions on any of these changes you’d like to start up, feel free to do so on the official Blade & Soul forums.

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